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UnCategorized If you are not covered under any individual or group insurance health cover, you can go for a short term cover which, is genuinely available and more suitable for you particularly if you are changing over the jobs or you are a student. You should understand the benefits available under the short term health insurance policies and can capitalize on these ingenious plans. These insurance plans aim at providing you health insurance cover for a short period. This will meet your requirement of health cover in between job changes. These short term health insurance policies are basically designed to give the insured person health cover for six months to one year before you go for a long-term health insurance cover for you and your family. The process involved in getting a protection under these plans is very easy as .pared with the other normal insurance plans. Short term health insurance plans are meant to give the protection to the insured persons against any unforeseen eventualities like catastrophes or illness. However, these insurance plans do not cover for facilities such as vaccinations, preventive care, ophthalmic treatments and dental care. These expenses are to be met by you. In case you go for a short term health insurance policy you are not entitled to avail the insurance benefits under other individual health insurance plans such as HIPPA. The HIPPA policies contradict the short term plans and are meant for those people who are already suffering from diseases unlike normal health insurance polices. As such you cannot get the benefits of HIPPA plans at the same time. It is better to confer with a health insurance agent to find the terms and conditions applicable under the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Short term health insurance plans will be invalid if it is discovered that you are already suffering from a disease for last three and five years. This condition should be made aware to the insurance provide or your employer to find a feasible solution. In short, the short term health insurance plans can be obtained by down payments or by monthly premium payments. In case you are confident about the time span during which you will need to be covered under short term health insurance plans, you can save money by making a down payment else you can opt for the monthly payment option. If you have decided to make a down payment, you should select the cover period for the plan, which will expire automatically at the end of that period. The refunds are not applicable in any circumstances even if you are covered under any standard insurance policy during the validity period of short term health insurance plan. The cover period of the plan can be extended by submitting an application for that. You can get broad coverage by choosing a one-time down payment option. The plan .es into effect within next 24 hours of submission of your application and making the payment. You can choose any mode of fast payment like credit or a debit card or other such mode. A 30 days grace period is applicable for payment after submitting your proposal for a short term health insurance plan. Many short term plans are even available for a shortest 30 days period. If you are getting a health cover for over 30 days, making one time payment will be beneficial to save money and get wider coverage package under a short term health insurance plan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: