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Being played! The president of Ukraine and the "fake" President calls – Sohu President Poroshenko of Ukraine news. (Xinhua AP)         Ukraine presidential website 2 issued a message, details of President Peter Rowe and the president of Kyrgyzstan Poroshenko? Almaz Buick? Atanbayefutong phone content. However, the second day of this message is removed, the reason is that the call and the boluoshenke is fake". Kyrgyzstan is the first to point out the matter to the government of Ukraine. Atambayev, 3, told the official news agency official told reporters: "it is possible that someone lied to the president of Ukraine." However, the news office did not guess "fake" president. The Russian media speculated that this farce may be actor Alexei? Lexus stolyarov "masterpiece?". The man who was good at playing pranks made a similar case. Last September, stolyarov and partner are posing as Russian President Vladimir? Putin and his spokesman Dmitri Peskov, Elton?? call John, the famous British musician chatted about homosexuality. The latter did not doubt the identity of the other party. Moscow Kremlin denied the incident, two people apologize for mischief. And Elton, John, really got a call from Putin. Russian officials had no comment on the boluoshenke is playing. Ukraine Foreign Ministry spokesman Mariana said this? Byssa, practical joke aimed at the destruction of Ukraine to take actions on the issue of Crimea. Ukraine’s government is investigating the planned provocation. At the beginning of 2014, Ukraine’s political crisis, the United States and other western countries to support the opposition dominated Parliament and fully take over, position of Pro Russian President Victor Yanukovich was sacked parliament?. In March of the same year, Crimea decided to secede from Ukraine and join russia. Russia Ukraine relations deadlock. (reporter Chen Dan, Xinhua International client reports)相关的主题文章: