Beijing’s first work permit for foreigners issued-punyu

Beijing’s first "foreigner work permits" issued – Beijing, the original "immigration employment permit" and "work permit in China" two cards in one day before Elizabeth, Canadian president of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of foreign experts issued the first work permit — Beijing Jingxi school, received Beijing City debut the "foreigner work permits", foreign high-level talent that she is in Beijing city. Beijing morning news reporter learned from the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the city’s work permit system for foreigners to work in China officially launched the pilot, the original employment of foreigners to China needs two cards, now a certificate. From now until March 2017, the pilot work in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other 10 provinces to carry out. From April 1st next year, the national unified implementation of the work permit system for foreigners to work in china. Two permits to reduce duplication of approval in the past the work of foreigners in China, the need for two licensing procedures, namely the "entry permit for foreigners" and "foreign experts to work permit". It is understood that in order to reduce the repeated examination and approval, to avoid regulatory loopholes, improve work efficiency, the trial changed to the decision of the State Council, the two permits the integration as "foreigners work permit" by the State Bureau of foreign experts shall be responsible for the specific implementation. In order to promote the implementation of the work, the State Bureau of foreign experts decided that from now until March 2017, to carry out the pilot work of foreigners’ work permit system in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan, Ningxia and other places. In April 1, 2017, the unified implementation of the work permit system for foreigners to work in china. Through institutional reform, construct international competitive cited by only mechanism, promote the introduction of foreign talent quantity, quality and structure to better meet the national economic and social development needs to adapt to the national innovation driven strategy, "and together with the world of excellence". For high-end talent "Easy Access" according to the introduction, in order to build a convenient and efficient management and service system of foreigners, "two card integration work permit approval process is more simplified, the application materials have been reduced. For example, the unified management of foreigners working in China to achieve a code (agency code) application, a window acceptance, a network handle, one management. At the same time, foreign high-end talent to work in China, innovation and entrepreneurship to open a green channel". One is to reduce the links in the program design, and foreign high-end talent "to apply for work permits for foreigners visa notice", before entry, no need to submit paper materials verification, selected domestic related personnel plan implementation of the whole process of high-end talent for online; two is compressed and the time limit for overseas foreigners to apply for work permit in China, compared with the general process, a reduction of 10 working days, the other is reduced to 5 working days; three is the use of "informed commitment +" system; four is allowed to have a visa or residence permit holders of other effective entry of foreign high-end talent directly in the territory of foreigners to apply for work permit in china. Beijing morning news reporter Chen Lin相关的主题文章: