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Beijing – VIDEO – "underground miracle" Chongqing 816 underground nuclear project to re open the full shock of the United States "miracle of Chongqing" 816 underground "underground nuclear project" to re open the full shock of the United States [comment] in September 25th, "the world’s first artificial cave", known as the "deep buried hill peerless Choi" in Chongqing the "816 underground nuclear project" after a year of closed building reopened. After the transformation of the "816 underground nuclear project" as underground wonders in general, full of shocking beauty. According to reports, the 816 underground nuclear project was built in 1967, the main production of plutonium nuclear fuel 239. Stop to start building in 1966 to 1984, about more than 60 thousand people participated in engineering construction. Tunnel engineering design can prevent 1 million tons of bombs of air blast shock and 1000 pound bombs hit the direct attack, can resist 8 earthquake damage. 2002, 816 underground nuclear project was officially issued by the national defense science and Industry Commission issued the order, in 2010 for the first time as part of the tourist attractions open. Subsequently, in order to further improve the upgrading of scenic facilities, in 2015, Chongqing district government on the 816 underground nuclear project for a year to build a fully closed. It is understood that the "816 underground nuclear project" is currently the only tourist attractions to decrypt and open to the outside world in the form of nuclear engineering site. After the transformation of the "816 underground nuclear engineering", can let visitors feel the perfect historical sense and the modern sense of science and technology integration, a channel in the ingenious application of sound and light, like a time tunnel, the visitors back to the time, to feel the scene of the year. Into the 816 underground nuclear project, the first stop of the tour is the shield of peace in the region of, where China’s first atomic bomb scene. In the 101 regional reactor bottom, in order to simulate the nuclear reaction of raw materials of green light, here to build a glass corridor, visitors from the bottom of the pot above the walk through, can be personally on the scene feel deposited to the bottom of the pot for 50 years. In about 3 kilometers in length, the storage capacity of 24 thousand cubic meters of "816 underground nuclear engineering" system of water diversion tunnel, the layout of the blue and red ring lights, so that visitors can see the entire water supply system. Visitors told reporters, read the 816 underground nuclear project, the scene is very shocking. The same period [] (visitor Li Yanlan) I was a soldier in Tibet Lhasa, is a field army hospital, so here today with relatively large, think our country our people and our party is particularly great, today’s opening also shows our country strong. (Mr. Feng) to see such a big project, I think it is the pride of our country. The feeling is very shocking, this project is unique, regardless of from the light or from other aspects of the words. [comment] "816 underground nuclear project area after the transformation, divided into" three age "," science and technology ", the" cool future "three theme partition. Scenic person in charge told reporters, 816 underground nuclear project scenic area of about more than 100 thousand square meters, is currently open road相关的主题文章: