Beijing – VIDEO – sickle fin dolphin debut in Tianjin-tinyos

Beijing – VIDEO – sickle fin dolphin debut Tianjin sickle fin dolphin debut in Tianjin [comment] in September 27th, 2 cute dolphin fin sickle debut Tianjin polar sea world. Falx fin markings dolphin is a highly ornamental marine animal, because of its dorsal fin in front of a Grey Stripe and backward curved sickle shape named. Located near the Arctic Ocean and the North Pacific, North Atlantic ocean. In the Tianjin polar ocean world fin dolphin are two sickle dolphins, one named Sara, one named Foucault, 5 years old this year. As compared to their sickle dolphin fin common bottlenose dolphin, petite size, swimming speed, jumping ability, highly ornamental. But because of its relatively small, more sensitive to the external environment, so the difficulty of training is relatively large. The same period [] Tianjin polar Ocean Park trainer Shao Zhaoxin sickle fin dolphin courage is relatively small, particularly sensitive to early training mainly to desensitization, and make it our trainer formed a good relationship of trust can be better training. And it is also particularly sensitive to external interference, such as the performance of the sound of the sound of the scene, the voice of the tourists, the flash of the big screen switch has a great impact on it, the training is more difficult. And it’s concentration, concentration of thought, it is less than the bottlenose dolphins, the time will be shorter. [comment] the reporter on the scene saw two dolphins are very lively, training after two dolphins kept playing, escort, grab the ball, playing awfully. Reporter Cai Zhijian Tianjin reports相关的主题文章: