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Beijing – VIDEO – ASEAN ASEAN Expo Chinese delicacy into the "popular" delicacy into ASEAN ASEAN Expo Chinese "popular" [comment] Vietnam fruit, Malaysia coffee, Thailand durian dry, Laos beer…… Held in Guangxi, Nanning, the thirteenth China – ASEAN Expo, a variety of patterns, full of exotic ASEAN Food sought after by the public. September 13th, the reporter walked into China – ASEAN Expo exhibition site, feel Southeast Asian food temptation". In Thailand Museum, the reporter saw in the durian dry business in Thailand exhibitors Liu Shaolie. He told reporters that this is the second time he came to Guangxi to participate in the China ASEAN Expo, for their products in China so sought after, he said he was very surprised. The same period [] (exhibitor Liu Shaolie) Thailand durian is the king of fruits, this time to participate in the China ASEAN Expo, our products are China durian customers. We come to the exhibition with more than 2 thousand and 400 products, sales of about 600 to 700 pieces a day. According to the amount of sales, may not be the last day of the exhibition, (our products) will be sold out. [comment] and Thailand did the same popular durian with Lao beer. In Laos, diners and businessmen are busy buying their favorite products. The same period [] (the citizen Mr. blue) this afternoon drink, our friends drink, this recommendation is fine, (taste good? Pairs of pairs! Taste good. How many? Buy a bottle, 24), because can not get so much, tomorrow is likely to buy. [interpretation] cat feces coffee is Indonesia’s most famous food specialty. As the world’s rarest, most unique, and the most expensive coffee, cat feces coffee in China is not a lack of fans". The same period [] (exhibitors Huang Yongjin) Chinese now acceptance is also more and more high, more and more people begin to understand the cat feces coffee, this is our third time to attend Chinese ASEAN Expo, the annual sales and the intention of cooperation is also more and more, the effect is very good. [comment] in addition, Singapore Vietnam fruit, Philippines crab Huang braised fin, Bak-Kut-The and other Southeast Asian diners sought by delicacy. Reporter Zhang Guangquan Nanning reports相关的主题文章: