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Beijing: mobile phone is not real name since 15 days down next month — Society — original title: mobile phone real name next month 15 days not stop Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Lu) October 15th, mobile phone users are not required to go through the registration formalities, will be suspended in accordance with law communication service of telecom enterprises. Beijing morning news reporter learned from the capital Internet Association news review Specialized Committee, Beijing Unicom has about 800 thousand users, Beijing mobile also has about about 1000000 users have not yet registered real name. Three operators to remind the public, because the current cumulative number of users, please do not close in October 15th and then re registration, so as not to queue up for too long schedule. Yesterday, Sa Beining received a telephone fraud and exposed its recording "message is shuabing. Municipal Communications Authority and the city network letter office official said at the meeting, the mobile phone users to identify the true identity of the information to combat the spread of bad information, to prevent telecommunications fraud is of great significance. It is reported that China Mobile, China Unicom, the three telecom operators in Beijing branch has issued "on the further implementation of the true identity of the phone user information registration provisions of the notice", telecommunications enterprises will be phased through SMS notification, written letters, announcements, telephone and other means to improve user registration or real identity information. On October 15th, during the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of users, telecommunications companies will suspend communications services in accordance with the law. Beijing mobile relevant person in charge, the public through the Beijing mobile 10086 WeChat public number, Beijing mobile phone business hall client and other self-service real name registration. After October 15th, no real name once the shutdown, the customer can only be in the business office for registration and registration procedures. Beijing Unicom relevant person in charge, since September 13th, the real name of the registered users, will be sent 2 times a week to remind text messages to inform users on time. Beijing Unicom to provide online business hall, the official WeChat public number combined with the way to promote the work of the business entity registration. (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: