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"Because of you" Zhao Yansong to the new plastic wrap – classic entertainment Sohu Zhao Yansong stills Sohu entertainment news the day before, as television culture Ltd., by the Shanghai view directed by Zhou Xiaopeng, Sun Yi, Deng Lun, Luo Gang, Zhao Yansong starring in the metropolis emotion inspirational drama "because of you" in the meeting lasted more than 3 months for 123 days, shooting after a perfect shot. Zhao Yansong also immediately transferred to the preparations for the new work, with subtle acting to continue to bring outstanding works to the audience. The play revolves around the embroidery of this novel main line to create, as China’s first embroidery industry growth Li Zhida drama, in the subject matter has attracted the attention of the industry inside and outside. In the shooting, but also the heritage of the Millennium embroidery classic and the most popular trend closely. Not only to show the magnificent embroidery works, shows the profile of embroidery, embroidery, embroidery and other golden feathers have a unique style of embroidery art, at the same time, also caused the thinking on the protection of the traditional craft lost friends. The role of Zhao Yansong in the play is also very interesting, it is not only in the shape of the ancient tide fan full, in the role of the same great breakthrough. While talking to this role, it also said that this is a very serious work to watch, and his own drama of the actors are all powerful faction, everyone together out of the collision of a lot of sparks. Meet the psychology of the audience from the story structure, plot design, characters, and the pursuit of a higher realm and meaning in the core conception, I believe that the play will create a very good ratings, let us look forward to.   相关的主题文章: