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Success Your subconscious mind is a wonderful tool, and if used correctly, you will be able to align your inner world with your outer world. By allowing yourself to be exposed to what you want to achieve outwardly, , your inner world will similarly be reinforced. The key difference in attitudes of the rich and the less wealthy is in their mindsets and behavior. What you think is reflected in your inner world, whilst your behavior is how you express in your outer world. Thus, your actions are important as they make up subconscious impressions of your status. Here are a few methods on how you can create congruence between your inner and outer world, and to attain greater wealth. 1) Your Choices Your actions and decisions will create the environment around you, which can either spell out wealth, or poverty. By deciding to use the top quality products that are essential, you are subconsciously telling your mind that you can buy it and that you are superior. This is not the same as simply over spending, or buying more than what you require. It is about aligning your inner and outer world, so that you satisfy your needs in a way that maximizes your utility. 2) Dont Waste Money Often, you find yourself getting a cheaper substitute for a product that you really want. While an off the rack mp3 player may have the same function as an Ipod, for example, the utility you derive from and Ipod is much higher. You will feel dissatisfied with your mp3 player, and this unhappiness that you feel may eventually influence you to get the real McCoy so as to satisfy your need. By buying what you would prefer in the beginning, you will save on the money that you have spent buying repeated products. 3) Your Mindset Those who are less well off are unwilling to splurge on the items that they would like to have, because they are scared. On the other hand, the rich do not limit their minds in this way, and hence obtain greater satisfaction. When you are happier with what you have, you will send forth vibes that attract even more happiness in life. Like attracts itself and this does not equate to wasteful spending, it is simply spending where necessary. Your surrounding plays a big part in influencing your subconscious mind. Your surroundings will impress upon your mind that you are rich or poor, and by surrounding yourself with symbols of wealth you are able to create similar conditions in reality. Hence, there is a match in your inner and outer world. While you may not be able to prevent signs of poverty, you can make up greater focus on wealth by focusing on signs of having plenty. Placing yourself in environments where you are able to relate to the rich will help you to achieve this congruence. When you can fully master the subconscious mind to work in your favor, you will be able to generate sound plans and executable ideas to achieve greater wealth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: