Bank executives cut pull-out big Guangxi investment tycoon alleged fraud 31 billion 200 million 申威1600

Bank executives cut pull-out big investment in Guangxi tycoon Li Yaoqing suspected Piandai 31 billion 200 million long cut back shocking. Pictures from the network, the Wu Dong family of Liuzhou bank chairman Li Yaoqing, in his cell door was seriously wounded. According to the investigation, because the Bank of Liuzhou risk investigation of Guangxi China Tianyuan Investment Group Limited company to apply for loans, the actual controller, the group’s Guangxi district investment tycoon Wu Dong and the two sons of conspiracy to murder. Recently, the city of Liuzhou City Court of intentional injury, harboring crimes were sentenced to 12 people involved in the case of 5 years to 2 months ranging from 2 months of punishment. During the course of the investigation, the Wu Dong family alleged fraud gradually surfaced. After investigation, the Wu Dong family suspected of illegal defrauding 31 billion 200 million yuan loan from the Bank of Liuzhou. In December last year, the Liuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of defrauding loans to 8 people, such as the prosecution of wu. The door was chopped three knife in May 10, 2014 15 pm, at the gates of Guangxi City District a district of Liuzhou City, Liuzhou bank chairman Li Yaoqing went to a shoe repair stall, to retrieve sent prior to cleaning shoes. After being told that the shoes have not been cleaned, Li Yaoqing and the driver master Chen returned to the community. At this time, parked next to a Chevrolet car down a young man pulled out a knife Kanxiang Li Yaoqing back, even cut 3 knife, blood dc. The driver master Chen recalled that after the attack the man quickly toward the Chevrolet car, he ran a few steps after Li Yaoqing called, "the chairman said to me, don’t chase, to send him to the hospital". Master Chen picked up Li Yaoqing and found his T-shirt back tattered, deep rib outward open, blood gushing out. Master Chen will embrace Li Yaoqing into the car, rushed to the nearest Red Cross hospital. Because the wound is too large to die, the hospital can not cure, master Chen and drive all the way to have the coma Li Yaoqing rushed to the hospital treatment in Liuzhou city. Li Yaoqing bleeding 3500 ml, almost killed. Li Yaoqing was hospitalized for 45 days, after identification, hemorrhagic shock after the injury is a moderate shock, is a serious injury of grade two. After the alarm, Liuzhou police quickly launched an investigation. The incident the next day at 10 pm, police arrested in Lu Chuan County of Yulin City, the 3 suspects, another 9 people involved have been arrested. Check whether the loan provoke Henghuo "happened too suddenly." In the face of the police asked master Chen said, Li Yaoqing usually good, did not see him angry, sometimes can not say where the suspect or clues. "I don’t have to make an enemy, is likely to be on the job." Li Yaoqing told the police that before the incident, verification, Liuzhou bank has three company loan problems among them, a group of enterprises in Tianyuan Sino US mortgage assets to Liuzhou bank loans of about 8 billion 400 million yuan. The Bank of Liuzhou found that the group had a problem with the authenticity of the mortgage collateral, and Li Yaoqing sent for verification. The group also raised credit to the Bank of Liuzhou, but did not agree. Li Yaoqing said that the actual controller of the group is not very satisfied with this, he had a month before the incident about him to meet the Liuzhou Hotel, Wu Dong. In order to apply for a loan, Wu Dong came to the bank’s office in Li Yaoqing, leaving a bag containing 1 million Hong Kong dollars. The next day, Li Yaoqing相关的主题文章: