Baidu vice president Wang Jianlin alleged massive corruption, willful buyout company – the Sohu of s w-inds.

Baidu vice president Wang Jianlin alleged massive corruption, willful buyout company – the Sohu of science and technology awards today is November 4th the 5th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, everybody is good, I am temporary commentator, today for you to broadcast the two old news # Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan alleged massive corruption, has resigned Baidu occupation ethics committee today released the full internal letter informed the vice president of Baidu Li Mingyuan in a bid to obtain huge economic benefits in. The plot is very serious, Baidu said, Li Mingyuan has the initiative to admit, and take the initiative to resign to the company. 2004 as an intern to join Baidu, vice president of Baidu in July 2013, responsible for the management of Baidu mobile services before the resignation of the group. Once highly discouraged Robin Li, there is "Baidu Prince", Li Mingyuan Baidu VP but when at the age of 29, succeeding Wang Mengqiu, who became head of Baidu mobile cloud business unit. The 5 years ago from Baidu UC gained a major leap occupation career, after a long talk with Robin Li and after two years will be back to Baidu, from the director to the general manager to VP. Temporary workers: the Baidu points to a Zan, the possession of their own home, but when can put out the sale of drugs and publicity casino ghost? Hit estimates are urgent.. # Wang Jianlin $1 billion acquisition of U.S. DCP group according to the report, led by Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group has successfully acquired the Golden Globe Award production company Dick Clark Productions 100% of the shares, the purchase price of about $1 billion. According to the acquisition agreement, the current DCP management after the completion of the acquisition will all stay, Wanda has with management reached a long-term business objectives, DCP revenue and profit will increase year by year. Dick Clark Productions is an American veteran Hollywood television production company, founded in 1957, including its Golden Globe Award, American music awards more than 20 television production right, most of them for permanent interests. DCP group as the United States television production company, including the Golden Globe Award, the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, New York New Year Countdown Party, more than 20. Temporary worker: it’s bad for my health! Not only will shift the house, also in the movie, so rich, the film will not be ranked in the domestic movie files inside? These are temporary nonsense, we shall not be responsible for.相关的主题文章: