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Badaling zoo was stopped by the tigers attacked 2 tourists can not get claims – Sohu news August 25th, the Badaling wild animal park reopened after rectification. Security card issued by Badaling wildlife park. Beijing News News 7, Badaling zoo tiger wounding caused by a dead one injured event, has been in the past two months in the past 23 months. September 22nd, PICC Beijing branch said in a statement, the two tourists did not buy the company accident insurance products, unable to get insurance, accident insurance and suspended cooperation with the zoo. Park staff responded that the suspension of cooperation is true, the tiger will be guaranteed to protect tourists, is still in the process. PICC zoo homemade "security card" in September 22nd, PICC Beijing branch (hereinafter referred to as PICC) said in a statement, and the suspension of the Badaling wildlife zoo accident insurance cooperation. Currently, the company has shut down the insurance company’s insurance policy system. "Independent suspension of cooperation and wounding a tiger, only after the receipt of the report, found that the zoo" unilaterally set security card ", tourists do not directly buy insurance products, we did not know." Person in charge of the company’s business department, said ms.. It is understood that tourists visiting the safari park, will buy 5 yuan at the same time the security card, with this card and personal identity cards, in exchange for a formal policy. After printing the policy, the staff will recover the security card. All of the commitments listed in the security card are unrelated to the company". Dong said that in accordance with the law, the insurance company claims only based on policy. In other words, the policy is the only basis for claims, other documents are invalid. Therefore, in July 23rd the zoo tiger wounding caused a dead one injured in the event, two tourists did not buy the company’s accident insurance products, can not be insured. According to PICC company, business system did not inquire into the tiger attack tourists policy information, whether because buying a security card but not in exchange for a policy, it is unclear. In addition, the park visitors did not directly buy PICC insurance products, but according to the requirements of the first purchase of zoo security card, and many tourists do not exchange for formal insurance, once the accident, the insurance company shall not claim. The Badaling zoo is to reduce the flow to reduce the time of yesterday afternoon, the Beijing News reporter at the Beijing wild zoo in Badaling, the relevant person in charge of Mr. Cao said, in September 21st the insurance company issued a notice to suspend cooperation with the zoo, the zoo has no insurance business. Zoo staff had told the media that the security card is not a security card, nor is it a voucher. It is a tip for visitors to print policy. Why set up a "security card"? In this regard, Mr. Cao said, because the park entrance ticket sales, the number of visitors too much, a single insurance exchange too time-consuming, so after consultation with the insurance company for oral, decided to use a security card instead, and then change the policy. The person in charge of the company Dong responded to the fall相关的主题文章: