August electricity consumption continued to rise sharply in the three production and contribution of 残清1864

In August the total electricity consumption continues to rebound sharply three and over 70% residents with the total electricity consumption in August industrial electricity consumption growth continues to rebound sharply obviously our reporter Wilde Beijing reported September 18th, data released by the national energy board, the total electricity consumption of 5631 kilowatt hours in August, an increase of 8.3%. 1-8 months, the national total electricity consumption 38920 kwh, an increase of 4.2%. Excluding the February month factors, an increase of 3.8% per day. Previously, in the day held a press conference held at the beginning of the macroeconomic situation, analysis of the national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin, the national electricity consumption growth rebounded quickly mainly by the mild base effect last year. According to preliminary statistics, in August the national hydropower, nuclear power, thermal power generation year-on-year growth of 5.8%, 20.1% and 7.7% respectively, the national hydropower, nuclear power, thermal power generation capacity of 1-8 months increased by 13.4%, 23.7% and 0.4% decline. From the power generation, hydropower, nuclear power continues to maintain rapid growth. Affected by the recent rise in electricity load, thermal power generation growth from negative to positive. Three production and residents living electricity consumption contribution over 70% Zhao Chenxin introduction, in August the whole society electricity consumption growth rate rebounded sharply by 6.4 percentage points. According to the meteorological department, this summer, the average temperature of 21.8 degrees, higher than the same period last year, a high of 0.9 degrees, the highest since 1961. Affected by this, in August the national electricity load continued to maintain high since July, and more electricity load hit a record high. Weather factors are expected in August the growth rate of electricity consumption growth rate of over 50%." An official of the national energy board on twenty-first Century economic news reporter analysis. Sub industry perspective, by the impact of the temperature of the three largest production and residential electricity consumption grew by an annual rate of 15.5% and 19.9%, respectively, compared with the same period last year, a sharp rise of 7.7 and 17.9 percentage points. From the power structure, calculated according to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter, in August the whole society consumption structure, three production and living consumption the highest contribution rate, more than 70%, become the largest contributor. Meanwhile, in August last year, the country’s electricity consumption grew by only 1.9%, lower base, further pushing up the growth rate of electricity consumption this year. According to statistics, the National Energy Bureau of the 1-8 month, sub industries, the primary industry 74 billion kwh electricity, an increase of 5.1%; the second industrial power 27537 kwh, an increase of 2%; third industrial power 527 billion 700 million kwh, an increase of 11%; urban and rural residents consumption 536 billion 600 million kwh, up 9.7%. Zhao Chenxin analysis, from the power structure, production and living to three more than second rate electricity of the total electricity consumption growth contribution. Among them, 1-8 month, three production and residential electricity total effect on the total electricity consumption growth degree reached 63.6%, 34.5% higher than the secondary industry, and further optimize the structure of electricity. On相关的主题文章: