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August all kinds of natural disasters caused more than 30 million 420 thousand people were affected in China – Xinhua news agency, Beijing, May 11 (Xinhua) Ministry of civil affairs, the national disaster reduction Commission Office on the 12 release of the National Natural Disaster Statistics in August, 12. Approved, in August a total of 74 thousand natural disasters caused a total of more than 30 million 425 thousand people were affected, the death of 84 people, emergency transfer of 346 thousand people, the need for emergency rescue. According to reports, in August, China’s natural disasters in drought and flood (including geological disasters) and typhoon disasters, earthquakes, hail, freezing, forest fires and other disasters have occurred in varying degrees. Data show that in August all kinds of natural disasters caused 17 thousand houses collapsed, 227 thousand different degrees of damage; crops affected area of 9 million 606 thousand hectares, of which 1 million 340 thousand and 700 hectares of crops; the direct economic loss of 50 billion 440 million yuan. On the whole, compared with the same period in the past five years, the overall national disaster in August light. According to the analysis, this time the national natural disaster has the following characteristics: the influence of the northern part of the province of summer drought is prominent, the scope of a major national hot dry weather, the average precipitation over a year earlier than 11%, west of the northeast, northwest and eastern part of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River area of drought. Typhoon number is too much, in August a total of 3 typhoons landing or affecting China’s mainland, the impact of the number of more than the same period in recent years, but the disaster is lighter. National flood disaster year significantly lighter. Hail disasters such as earthquakes and limited impact.相关的主题文章: