Armed police forces rushed to the disaster area of Dehua road

Traffic police forces emergency reopened Dehua disaster damaged road – Beijing Beijing in Quanzhou on 29 September, (Gong Xiaojiang Liao Zhenhua Yang Yang) affected by the typhoon, Fujian Province, Quanzhou City, heavy rains in the territory of Dehua County, the most severely affected. It is understood that the 28 day at 3:29 in the morning, Shiniu mountain water town reaches 14, adjacent to the south of Cheng Zhen tadou rainfall of 329.8 mm, will cause flash floods, 2 bridges, 2 deserted houses washed away, blocking the river, causing a collapse of houses were destroyed, 1 people died. It is understood that the trapped water town village a total of 5, respectively, Kun Li Keng Cun ban Cun, Mao CuO Cun, Cheng Ze village, village list. 28, the same day, the villagers have been trapped in the village of 428 cadres with the help of all arrangements to secure the location of resettlement. Fujian provincial flood control and disaster relief headquarters request the traffic police forces mobilized 120 soldiers and more than 40 Taiwan (sets) professional rescue equipment, emergency rush to the disaster area in Dehua. The reporter saw at the scene in the south of Dehua County town of 044 Township Road landslides, traffic police forces rescue officers and soldiers in the rain, the collapse of large machinery are cleaning up the 150 thousand party body, restore road traffic as soon as possible. As of press time reporter 29, at the age of 14, the armed police force in Dehua, a total of more than more than 100 people to organize the transfer of all kinds of people, grab through the damaged highway of 3 km. (end)相关的主题文章: