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Network-Marketing MLM leads are the driving force behind any home business owners success. Run out of leads and prospects, and you are effectively out of business. Is it enough to just get a ton of leads? Not if you can’t convert them to distributors and customers. The key to conversion is to take an interest in each prospects story and why they are interested in a product or the business. If you understand their pleasures and pains, you will be able to sell them anything you want. First, lets cover the lead generation techniques you can use to drive traffic and capture leads for your MLM opportunity. I am going to cover my personal favorites for this article. All of these strategies are very effective and most of them have very little monetary costs. An inexpensive way to generate a load of leads is article marketing. Typically, I try to write an article a day and post it to my blog. Then, I will rewrite the article twice and upload it to my article submission software. The article rewrites allow me create hundreds of unique articles from just three separate writings. I will regulate the timing of submissions so that I don’t get to many articles going in on any one day that would throw up a flag to the man (i.e. Google). Search engine optimization is one of the most overlooked traffic generating techniques. The reason for this is that this method builds residual traffic over time. There is not an instant flood of leads like you might get from PPC or banner ads. The two main items of SEO that you will need to be concerned with are proper keyword research and the structure of your site. Let’s face it, if you are going after words that aren’t being searched you are wasting your time. If the structure of your site is incorrect, then the Google bots will spend less time on it and you will get ranked more slowly. Digg, twitter, and reddit are all the rage these days. Therefore, social media syndication is a great way to drive traffic. The reason for this is that the search engines are starting to look at social relevance when ranking content. They feel that if people on the internet think enough of a piece of content to vote or digg it, then it must be relevant. Getting content syndicated could be a daunting task, but I use some software that helps to automate the process. My content begins to gain traction in the search rankings once it gets syndicated, which drives me more leads. Now that we know how to drive traffic, what do we do with the leads once we get them? MLM prospecting is one of the most overlooked areas in any home business. To correctly prospect leads, you must build a relationship and rapport with each lead and some of them will convert to distributors or customers. People aren’t willing to buy from a stranger. Find out your prospects story, which will lead you to the correct way to sell them. If you can identify their pleasures and pains, you will be able to realize a huge increase in conversions and in.e. Be.e a leader and provide the prospects with exactly what they need in order to achieve their dreams and you will be able to close a lot of the MLM leads you have generated. Remember this one thing, there is no such thing as free MLM leads. In order to be successful in your MLM, you will need to drive traffic, capture the leads, and convert the leads to business partners by building a rapport and understanding their "WHY". Understand that just getting MLM leads is not enough. You need to build relationships in order to see the type of success that will set you financially free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: