Apple’s chief designer to talk about why MacBook Pro touch bar (video) boee

Apple’s chief designer MacBook Pro on why do touch a Tencent [editor’s note]: Apple Macbook Pro has been released, the machine is one of the biggest highlights is replaced at the top of the keyboard function keys Touch Bar (touch strip). Why should Apple use touch bar instead of touch screen? Apple’s chief designer Jonny Yves · (Jony Ive) in an interview with the CNET explained. Apple Corp design director Jonny · Eve said, out of the ordinary thinking is actually a very easy thing. My first reaction was surprise. You know, Jonny · chief design officer Yves has served as Apple Corp since 1996, Apple Corp has been to "out of the ordinary thinking (think different) and proud, whether products, marketing, retail stores and apple watchband, all at this point. "The difference is actually relatively easy and relatively fast, but also very attractive." Jonny said Yves ·. He participated in the design of Apple’s main products, whether it is iMac, iBook, iPod, iPad, iPhone or apple watch. "If we are moving towards a better outcome, we will not limit ourselves to how far we go. We will not do is suddenly out of the ordinary, but no better." Jonny · Eve earlier this week said in an interview. This way of thinking explains why Apple "many years ago" decided not to add touch screen for Mac, even when its competitors are equipped with multi touch display for Windows tablet and PC computer. On the contrary, after two years of exploration, the bigger touchpad and other program Jonny · ive and his team to the final design of a multi touch a long instead of at the top of the keyboard function keys. Apple calls it "Touch Bar"". Touch Bar just appeared in public in November this year, 13 inches in the market and the of the 15 inches of MacBook Pro will be configured this touch bar. More than 5000 patents owned by Jonny · Eve recently accepted the CNET interview. In the interview, he talked about why Touch Bar is just the beginning of Apple’s "a very interesting direction."". The following is the main content of the interview. Q: Touch Bar is a different way of human computer interaction. Why is Bar Touch? A: we have studied a number of designs, and they are conceptually acceptable. However, after a period of trial (we use them every day), they don’t look so attractive. We’ll be using it for a while before we start any prototype, so we’ll be aware of the value of something until we cut back to the traditional keyboard. Q: what do you want to accomplish? From the point of view of the design team, our starting point is to find two kinds of transmission.相关的主题文章: