Another drop out of business success case he will become the virtual reality of Jobs (video) oboni

Another drop out of business success case: he will become the virtual reality of Jobs? If you first saw him and Loki, will never change the world any sensation deeds together. Hawaii style flower T-shirt, go where wearing flip flops, with a mop of brown hair, is like a writing in the university library code Indoorsman polytechnic. But in fact, rocky but in VR Oculus, founder of the world a great reputation, when the beginning of 2014 Oculus to the price of $2 billion was sold to Facebook, he has become the youngest member of the Silicon Valley billionaire club. However, compared to these glamorous titles, Loki indeed would prefer someone to see him as a idiotic "geek": in the Oculus development, the management of others over rocky immediately, to re focus on VR product design. The growth path of Loki, has become a typical Silicon Valley produced wealth myth. During the period of studying in California University in Long Beach, found himself interested in rocky for electronic games. And other game enthusiasts is quite different, in order to allow themselves to play cool pleasure in the game, rocky began personally modified game controller. But after a while he found that, even if the game controller used again, he was just playing the game, can not really into the virtual world. At this time, he was exposed to the "virtual reality" of the new vocabulary, this opens the door to a new world to him: "it’s awesome, I guess some of earth’s secret military laboratory must have developed the technology." At the time, virtual reality is still a very immature technology, VR helmet is not only expensive, there are still huge design flaws: heavy, small angle and slow feedback. The only solution is to build a design theory from the bottom. To this end, Loki decided to make a decision to drop out of school, with hundreds of thousands of investment, another senior game entrepreneur, he founded Oculus. In Latin, Oculus is the meaning of "glasses". In order to prove the seriousness of this venture decided to drop out of school ", Loki moved out of the parental home, find a cheap motel bed, will be thrown to the corner of the room into a temporary shelter and laboratory. Oculus will focus on product research and development on the VR game, it can use the helmet display to the outside world of visual, auditory closure, and guide them to produce a feeling in the virtual environment. As a product of rocky gradually realize the market enthusiasm for the virtual reality demand: from the film to the game developers conference, people come from all over the country to catch up, stand in line for four or five hours, only to experience in the science fiction film "virtual world". January 2014 is a key node in the history of Oculus. Many reports have recorded the Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg on the first try Oculus VR helmet after reaction — he took off the helmet, excitedly shouted: "this is really exciting." Zuckerberg immediately to.相关的主题文章: