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And never mind the X-Men X, Tiggo 3X how? According to Chery automobile Sohu official, SUV 3X’s small tiger will be officially listed in November 15th. Previously, Chery announced the sale price: 6.39-7.99 yuan 3X. Obviously, from the price point of view, 3X is lower than the location Tiggo Tiggo 3. Under the existing Chery Tiggo 3, why push another small tiger SUV 3X? From the market perspective, in the context of SUV high fever, compact SUV and small SUV has become the hottest market. Compact SUV is the main sales force, followed by small SUV. The automobile association data show that 1-9 months of this year, SUV total sales of 5 million 999 thousand and 200 vehicles, an increase of 45.91%, higher than the growth rate of passenger cars and MPV models; the compact SUV total sales of 3 million 386 thousand and 300 vehicles, an increase of 48.4%, small SUV total sales of 1 million 549 thousand and 700 vehicles, an increase of 30.7%, become the sales after the compact SUV category. At the launch of Chery Tiggo 3X, apparently see the potential for development of small SUV market. From the perspective of car prices, in order to enrich the product line, there have been more and more car companies launched the combination products in small SUV area, such as the Saab X25 and Saab X3, Changan CS35 and Changan CS15, HAF H1 and HAF H2, refine S2 and refine S3. The two car strategy for car prices, due to the positioning of different models, is conducive to better market segments, different ages and different economic levels of consumer concerns, in order to get more market share. So, 3X should also launch Tiggo, is based on this consideration. Overall, the reason can be understood as a simple introduction of Tiggo 3X: market demand, car prices to expand. Who is the tiger 3X competitor? What are its strengths and weaknesses? At present, the pre-sale price Tiggo 3X to 6.39-7.99 million, after the listing of the official guide price may be reduced. Therefore, 3X to enter the market, will face competitors will have Beiqi Saab X25, Changan CS15, and Harvard H1. So, in the face of these competitors, what are the advantages and disadvantages of 3X? Although other aesthetic subjectivity, who is good, who do not have good arguments, but after all is new, so in order to let everyone know more, here is a brief introduction of the other 3X. The appearance of the 3X, Tiggo familization design of Chery, the style is tough. Interior, through black, orange collocation, appear young and energetic. Handling the overall style, similar to Changan CS15, Beiqi Saab X25, can meet the needs of younger. Body size, length and width of the relative Tiggo 3X Saab X25, Harvard H1 and Changan CS15 have the advantage of height, Changan; CS15 is dominant; the wheelbase, Tiggo 3X wheelbase of 2555mm dominant. Power, Chery 3X is weaker than the Saab X25, but tiger 3X of fuel has a slight advantage. Configuration on!相关的主题文章: