Anchor encounter difficult to talk about the salary of the live platform into a general wage

Anchor encounter hard to talk about the salary of the live platform into a general phenomenon of the industry Guo Mengyi with the advent of the Internet regulatory policy finally landed, the barbaric growth of the broadcast industry announced the end of the period. However, the industry still exists, the recent broadcast platform to broadcast the 500 network anchor to discuss the issue of hard to pay attention to social concerns. The day before, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter interviewed a number of industry insiders found that the delay in issuing salary broadcast platform is a common phenomenon in the industry, some small broadcast platform salary arrears can reach one month. In this regard, the Internet analyst Tang Xin in an interview with the China business reporter, said the reason is that the direct broadcast industry is in a reshuffle, some of the poor self hematopoietic platform will face collapse. It is expected that the future of the video industry will be the same as the video industry, in addition to 35 large platforms, other platforms are difficult to form a sufficient self profitability. The platform in common anchor encounter "Taoxin difficult" according to media reports, recently, Xi’an about 500 network anchor in "to broadcast live broadcast platform nearly 1 months later, not only did not get the promised salary, also cannot login account exchange live cash gift. Anchor joint pay talks have been nearly a month, to broadcast aspects of the sound that has been paid in accordance with the agreement, but with the want to broadcast aspects of the broker is unable to get in touch, one hundred anchor encounter difficult salary. An anonymous union boss Li Yong (a pseudonym) in an interview with the China business newspaper reporter revealed that the broadcast platform is a widespread phenomenon of wage payment delays. Like YY live this batch of the earliest companies less wage arrears, but in the broadcast industry barbaric growth developed in the company, such as panda live Betta, six rooms and a TV network broadcast platform, will be regular salary arrears. A little better live platform may be owed about 10 days. For example, the contract was written on the 15 salary, in fact, after the number 25. What is more, a small part of the live platform can even be owed a month’s salary. The reason for the arrears of wages is mostly ‘cash flow problems’ or’ go slow’." Li Yong said. Founder of the network anchor Club morning Feng told reporters that the current broadcast industry brokerage companies, trade unions, family and other groups holding the female anchor resources. The new platform needs to enrich the content filling, help the site get higher traffic, so the platform in order to attract female anchor will be settled, to the brokerage firm and female anchor promises a lot of good benefits, such as salary will promise higher than usual. According to this reporter learned that in divided into proportion, anchors, trade unions and the platform generally is approximately 30%, 10% and 60%, if the anchor was introduced by the intermediary companies into trade unions, intermediary companies will extract the 5%~10% from the anchor Commission of 10% of the Commission; if there is no broadcast platform union links, such as six room, anchor and platform is divided into roughly 40%, 60%. But in some small and medium broadcast platform, anchor mode is divided into basic salary + income, general anchor percentage are about 30%~40%, but if the platform has just begun.相关的主题文章: