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All star board "time" strategy Mobile Games millionaire today — the whole platform shelves original title: All Star game chessboard strategy "Mobile Games era" millionaire today all star idol play platform shelves, fun millionaire style! Today (August 31st), the Asian all star board strategy hand tour, the era of rich national service apple An Zhuoquan platform shelves! Players can download the experience in the major stores and channels to enjoy the charm of this popular Asian board strategy hand travel! Video: can purchase land, but I am not a millionaire "time" to throw the dice, millionaire occupy the city as the main gameplay, and ultimately to make all opponents become bankrupt victory conditions. The basic gameplay and classic board game Monopoly is similar. But the time of the rich is not only the case, unlike the traditional monopoly of the game is rich, rich era into more RPG and strategy gameplay. This game has "character + dice + skill card" 3 growth line, line can be formed in different combinations, rising star, growth and other operations, each growth given certain attributes to enhance the probability of winning a bigger game player. In actual combat, strategy game play more strong, now open 54 card game player skills, can be freely combined to carry 9 skills for their own hobby card into the fray, through time using appropriate power themselves, beat the competitors, to obtain the final victory.     can become a comic book, but I was just a game "style picture era" by millionaire two motohi diffuse beautiful wind. The story revolves around the evil Dr. AIKE held "genius League" invited all over the world to start ability. Currently has opened 15 with their own background and unique personality controllable role. In addition to the game in which they have different attributes and focus on the ability to focus on, have their own background stories, hobbies, and even independent language and action. The rich story and the role of "rich man" can become an independent comic reading. At the same time, "millionaire" era Mobile Games with domestic famous animation publishing "high energy comic" together to create a cartoon of the same name will log the comic platform, we can feel the passion and fighting the whole story from the perspective of the comic! Can play star idol, but I’m not a game game player in the game in addition to the two dimension control role, Asian superstar Lee Guangzhu and Mourinho are implanted in the game, a game player controlled character. Game player can choose their avatar game characters in the game, the character of their skills and card, showdown with competitors! When you play not only that, the game is still looking for more star idol implanted game, so that players can play the Star Idol closer to experience the fun of the rich style charm. Of course, this is not a traditional star to play the role of the game, but to manipulate the stars to get the victory of the battle of wealth oh!     you can win the prize in kind, but you must be a game master story background around the genius of the United States相关的主题文章: