Against the zero cost of Thailand China tour set price-w-inds.

Against the "zero cost" of Thailand Chinese tour set the lowest (reporter Yang Zhou Li Xinying) Thailand officials in charge of tourism industry and the 5 industry representatives on combating the "zero fare" meeting and reached 4 resolutions, including the establishment of 1000 baht per person per night for Chinese tours (about 191 yuan) of the most low price. Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Thanasa told the media after the meeting, the resolution also includes additional tourism project total no more than 3000 baht (about 573 yuan), the parties to work together to combat illegal tour guide and find more Chinese tour guide in at least 30 days to respond to the upcoming peak in tourism. He said Nassau, the establishment of tourism projects in order to prevent the additional price ceiling practitioners take visitors to participate in too many unnecessary projects. In addition, Thailand will also develop a reference price for various levels of tour groups, the specific price is expected to be announced before the end of the year. According to the Thailand media "Daily News" 6 reported that the participants reached the above resolutions, the relevant provisions from the beginning of the implementation of the 5. In addition, the meeting also accepted some suggestions of industry representatives, including the establishment of a government and industry representatives of the Committee overseeing the relevant provisions as soon as possible, hire 40 tourist bus price (including driver hire fee) not exceeding 5000 baht per day (about 955 yuan), bank for tourism practitioners to buy travel the bus provides loans etc.. Since September the government of Thailand against the early implementation of "zero cost", the number of tourists China decline. Thailand National Tourism Administration in Chengdu, China office, said the number of tourists to some provinces and cities fell 30% over the previous year. Thailand National Tourism Administration had expected that about 280 thousand Chinese tourists will visit the Thai during the golden week of eleven, but has lowered the expected to 220 thousand passengers, but will still grow by about 30% over last year. At the same time, the Tourism Bureau also reduced the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand in 2016 from more than 10 million people to more than 9 million 300 thousand people, the number of passengers in 2015 was 7 million 900 thousand. Thailand Travel Agency Association chairman Charoen · Wang Anand Weng at the meeting site to the media said: "(hit" zero fare ") is very painful blow to the tourism industry, but must be determined to eradicate the ills. Our association will also explain to the tourism practitioners about the specific policies of Chinese tourists at the lowest price to ensure a smooth transition. In the fight against the "zero fare" on this issue, the government and practitioners must work together." China Embassy in Thailand led Paul staff said in an interview with reporters, has been pushing for China and Thailand to join the tourism department to solve the "zero cost" and "low", although it will cause a certain degree of impact on Thailand tourism industry in the short term, but in the long run or outweigh the costs.相关的主题文章: