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After one hour, why is the maternal "Jaws"? Sohu – mother in ancient times, there is a saying: women have children like to pass a "Jaws", the slightest mistake is likely to endanger the lives of two people, mother baby. So, what is the danger of hell? Many people think that even now medical prosperity, prevalence genes are detected, children? Minute safety. Where there’s what? In fact, it is not. For more than a decade of work in the delivery room for me, I think the most dangerous maternal postpartum one hour. The day before yesterday, we had a mother, pre production and delivery, are normal, less than 2 hours, it had to give birth to a 8 pound of fat baby, newborn father opened flowers. Who knows, just gave birth to the child’s maternal situation is big bleeding, a sudden turn for the worse, we had an emergency rescue, while notify the family, who knows, the father of newborn can not find, the original that he had given birth, the hospital did not what happened, got in the car to go home, with their parents to the hospital to visit. We also have a lot of contact with the maternal and family members, the vast majority of people’s mentality is this: the puerpera is in before childbirth, maternal families anxious, a slight movement at the following some shout and wrangle, bleeding, the doctor called kutianmalei, water broke, a head rushed into the room and pulled. Your doctor for help, like monsters, maternal care, very careful. However, when the maternal obstetric table, the child was born, the family to see the fat boy, fat girl was crying, don’t know what to say, the psychological tension disappeared, for them, the risk is past. In fact, for women, one hour after the production, is the real death they have to face, families should be more careful, almost all of the maternal deaths are concentrated in this one hour! In our country the cause of maternal death, postpartum hemorrhage, amniotic fluid embolism, puerperal fever ranked in the top three, and these high-risk disease occurs in one hour after childbirth in. These complications, multiple reasons, sometimes the coexistence of a variety of factors, and ferocious. If the treatment is not timely, the woman quickly appeared shock, coma, and then died. In the course of treatment, the need to accurately identify the cause, timely treatment of the cause and symptomatic, in order to win time and win life. With amniotic fluid embolism, which is a serious complication during delivery, fulminant amniotic fluid embolism mortality rate as high as 90%, rapid onset, in many cases, within a few minutes, the maternal soon appeared respiratory and circulatory failure, bleeding, DIC, multiple organ failure and death. Therefore, early identification, early diagnosis, decisive treatment is extremely important. Think about it, a few minutes later, a normal person is in danger, a few minutes, the need for rapid response to the medical team. In the case of more and more dependent on testing, instrumentation, drugs, the delivery room experience is particularly important. The patient dragged back, relying on the experience, responsibility, teamwork. Obstetrics is a high-risk profession.相关的主题文章: