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Health The objective of an efficient medical system is to provide health care as and when it is needed. Unfortunately, thanks to prevailing political conditions, medical care is no longer very receptive to the needs of the patient. Often, emergency rooms are horrid places where pain reaches its zenith and people are tested for patience. This being the case, setting up an alternative arrangement was only a matter of time. With the emergence of after-hours medical clinics, the country is experiencing a revolution of sorts. Patients can now get access to reputed, reliable and experienced medical professionals as and when required. In case of conditions that are urgent though not life threatening, it is possible to meet doctors without undue waiting. As the name suggests, after hours medical clinics are operational beyond the normal working hours. Many of them even work on weekends thus providing much needed medical attention to people who .e with ailments that cannot wait. In many cases, these include conditions like flu, allergic reactions, sudden cuts, burns, falls and broken bones, to name a few. These conditions may not be life threatening but many of them are acute enough to cause a lot of dis.fort. After hours clinics attend to patients immediately and start with medical care at the earliest possible time. Many of these facilities even work on public holidays. This ensures that patients are never without medical care. After hours clinics also offer occupational medical services. This includes rehabilitation of employees and care for those suffering from a large number of work related injuries and illnesses. A large number of emergency health care clinics treat patients irrespective of their age. Thus, a large number of conditions ranging from colds, rashes, infections and allergic reactions in children are treated. In addition to these, adults also can get a large number of treatments that are otherwise not available in a timely manner. This includes follow on visits for diabetics and people with chronic conditions like high cholesterol, blood pressure etc. Many of these centers also provide a spectrum of health care services for women including breast examinations, pelvic care, pap smears etc. Even obstetricians services are provided. After hours health care centers are a fitting answer to a stressed and tired medical care system that is bending under the weight of patient demands. As not every medical emergency is life threatening, it only stands to reason that those who want urgent care for conditions that are serious but non-life threatening should be able to get medical attention without delay. This rationale is behind the proliferation of emergency medical care centers all over the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: