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About two children don’t know their inner thoughts and I worry about two children without the knowledge of their own turn and then why Mrs. Liu Tang refused to match? On the morning of 28, the Chengdu Daily reporter by telephone to Liu Tang, he has its own difficulties. The phone, Liu Tang sound small, he said, Amanda is indeed they adopted 4 years ago to Mrs. Yuan Tongyun, and indeed had refused to donate bone marrow, the reason is that the daughter and two daughters and their own turn. Liu Tang introduced, he is more than and 40 years old, the eldest daughter has grown up and work, and made a boyfriend, the daughter is still reading the two. In 2011, his wife pregnant, was originally to stream of people, but the final adoption to the Yuan Tongyun couple. This matter, in addition to Liu’s wife’s sister know, the rest of the people do not know, including his two children. When the second child, the eldest brother has more than and 10 years old, (eldest brother) cried for a long time, we asked her, she said that we have to worry about the children after the second, give her love is less." Liu Tang on the phone, with a cry, "so when Yuan Tongyun found me, I don’t believe I will have a home and their intersection, but did not dare believe that Amanda is suffering from leukemia." Liu Tang said that although the eldest daughter now has grown, but the two daughter was born after her daughter’s performance has been so, he did not dare to make visible before the eyes, and a daughter to know his daughter was adopted out. "If I donate bone marrow, I worry about the big daughter would worry about her parents make blind and disorderly conjectures, that love is less, worried that she could not accept this reality." Liu Tang said, not only that, in recent years, due to their business losses, are now on the eldest daughter in support of the family, "if the daughter knows this matter, if the bone marrow donation and sequelae of her body, then no matter what we do?"相关的主题文章: