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A mobile phone battery you should get out of these errors now intelligent mobile phone continues to escalate, regardless of the screen size and hardware performance are soaring, but to enhance the quality of battery life. In other parts of the technology is rapidly developing at the same time, the battery technology has not been synchronized development, has been far behind. For this reason, the phone’s ability to become the daily use of mobile phone users the most headaches. A mobile phone battery since you should always get out of these errors, a smart mobile phone battery Public opinions are divergent. argument, some misunderstandings often make people confused charging. We should have heard this argument: in sleep, the phone will connect the charger, continuous charging overnight, this approach will damage the phone battery, there are many similar claims. In order to be able to make everyone more secure and effective use of mobile phones, below, we look at some of the cell phone battery and charging errors. 1 fast charge technology is the case? Qualcomm fast charging scheme is now the mobile phone fast charging technology can be divided into two categories: one is to improve the current faction; the two is to raise the same voltage. To improve the current plan is to thinking about charging line bold, charging cable lines by 4 or 5 pin expansion common 7 pin, the charging circuit becomes coarse resistance decreases, the current increase. To improve the voltage sent after charging can be understood as the head end voltage rise, down in the mobile phone integrated circuit input to the battery again, again. In short, the essence of fast charging technology is under certain conditions (such as security), as far as possible to increase the voltage or current to the battery, thereby increasing the input power. 2 charging all night, will damage the battery? Mobile phone mobile phone charging at night with a night charge may encounter repeated charge, and repeated in a state of constant voltage charging mobile phone will reduce battery life; but we now use the intelligent mobile phone will stop charging in full power, until the battery charging will continue to lower than a voltage; usually the mobile phone is in the standby mode, the battery fell very slowly, so even if the charge for a whole night, do not frequent re charging trigger. But I want to say is that although the whole night charging will not damage the battery, but in the past, the battery life will be greatly reduced, so in order to extend the life of the phone to avoid the whole night to charge. 3 while playing mobile phone while charging is good? While playing mobile phone charging you may want to use it in mobile phone charging, will have an adverse impact on the mobile phone or battery charging circuit. In fact, a lot of mobile phones are currently with a path management, that is, when charging the phone directly from the charger. Even without the path management, directly from the battery power will not be any problem. However, taking into account the temperature problem, playing the phone when the CPU, the screen is hot; when the battery is also charging the heat; the two superimposed heating may make the phone to play more than a single game or a separate charging higher temperature. Therefore, in playing mobile phone while charging, should pay attention to whether the mobile phone is overheating, if overheated, suggest to take conservative measures to cool down. 4 mobile phone batteries need to be filled again and again for some time before being able to maintain life? Cell phone battery does not need to be filled again and again every other time.相关的主题文章: