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A way to eat ginger in no damp ginger is a common food in our lives, whether as a seasoning or a stew, can always see its shadow. Ginger is an amazing way to eat! Do you know what is the value of traditional Chinese medicine? Let Xiaobian introduce how to eat ginger can let the body never damp toxin, get to see see……. A way to eat ginger in no damp 1 + ginger ginger tea is tea with a little tea, ginger slices peeled boiled water, after dinner drink. Can diaphoresis, warm lung cough, have the effect of influenza, typhoid fever, cough etc.. Ginger tea is also very love foreigners drink, they practice and we are not the same, as long as make tea when you put a fresh ginger, add sugar and simmer for more than and 10 minutes, do. 2 ginger + avocado ginger with a lot of fruits and vegetables with juice. Ginger and avocado are ingredients containing anti-aging ingredients, in accordance with their favorite taste ratio can be matched. 3 ginger + brown sugar ginger sugar is usually made with ginger and brown sugar, sweet with spicy. There is dampness to cold effect, very suitable for eating in the humid climate. 4 ginger milk ginger milk is Panyu’s most prestigious traditional snacks, also known as "Ginger milk" or "buried ginger milk", a hundred years of history, the well-known province of Hong Kong and macao. Ginger milk like tofu, steamed egg and also somewhat similar, but before both sweet and smooth, its taste is sweet and fragrant micro SIM, can stomach, cold, beauty. Local people said, do not eat a bowl of ginger milk buried in Panyu, even if the white. 5 Japanese pickled ginger ginger ginger restaurant, you can see it in many stores, free and delicious. The Japanese called it the new ginger of vinegar stains down! Is translated into Chinese, sweet and sour pickled ginger. The color pink slightly sweet taste, but also can stomach. This can be done at home, the material has salt, vinegar, sugar, many online tutorials, very simple to see. Ginger as "revive medicine", it is not just to eat ginger seasoning, people have body fever feeling, this is because it can dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, promote the body of the open pores. Methods the long-standing ginger illnesses and health care so that not only can the extra tropical go, but also to the body of the bacteria, with a cold. When the body to eat cold things, by the rain, or long stay in air-conditioned room, eating ginger can promptly eliminate cold, eliminate various body discomfort caused by the heavy cold. Usage: cold cold ginger: ginger 3 to 4 and a half spoon of sugar boiled water to drink, 2 to 3 times a day. Cold with cough: ginger 3 ~ 4, garlic, 7 ~ 8 feet plus brown sugar with half a spoon to cook, one day 2 ~ 3 times. Cold fever: ginger, brown sugar in water then add onion 1, a 2 ~ 3 times. After eating food bloating: can directly interface with ginger slices, or drink ginger water, a short time will be able to ease. Diarrhea caused by cold: Boil ginger water egg a day, 2 ~ 3 times, very soon, after another day to stop diarrhea, to consolidate curative effect, warm stomach. The air conditioning room after long stay by getting tight, hair: ginger tablets or buccal expansion at any time every day in 2 to 3 slices of ginger soaked in water to drink, the body immediately eliminate discomfort. Sore throat: adding a little hot ginger water salt, when tea drinking. Vomiting during pregnancy:.相关的主题文章: