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A village Party Secretary of Fujian anti typhoon victims remains only 29.5 yuan and a medical report – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou September 21st new media news: a physical examination report and 29.5 yuan relics — netizen "refresh the typhoon victims salute the good secretary Zhou Bingyao Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Pengfei Lin Kai" China network in 19, a a special memorial will be held in Fujian Gutian County, hundreds from Zhuo Yang Xiang Zhuang Li villagers spontaneously rushed to, as a result of the sacrifice of the village party secretary sent last goodbye. 15, on the Mid Autumn Festival, super typhoon "Meranti" positive hit Fujian. Village village Party Secretary Zhou Bingyao for the protection of personal and property safety of villagers, in the rescue victims. The family found finishing possessions, Zhou Bingyao stated that he had a medical report back home in long-term, and the remaining 29.5 yuan wallet…… When he left, the villagers did not see the last one at around 4 am, Zhou Bingyao’s mobile phone rang, the phone came the news of the typhoon rainfall Township government. "Don’t go, it’s such a big rain." Despite his repeated persuasion, Zhou Bingyao insisted on going out. The door, he will never come back. "It’s raining hard!" The old man in the village said that he had never seen such a big rain when he was more than and 60 years old. 6 pm, Zhou Bingyao and mayor Liu Changwu, the village Party branch Zhang Huazhong, along the village elderly activity center in front of the river patrol disaster point. Rain falls in torrents., churning rapids. Shed debris blocked the river upstream of the collapse of the bridge, the river rises higher and higher, seeing has flooded the shore house threshold. At this time, mayor Liu Changwu rushed to the house transfer of the villagers, Zhou Bingyao rushed to the bridge to remove debris blocking the bamboo bridge. But the water too fast, Zhou Bingyao was a pulling pole, jet into water. A few meters away from the Zhang Huazhong saw this scene was stunned, stride rushed to the side of the bridge, has not seen the shadow of Zhou Bingyao. "In less than a second, people are gone, too late to respond." Recalled the scene, Zhang Huazhong eyes red. Everywhere shouted Zhang Huazhong attracted the villagers’ attention, people heard the shouting the name of Zhou Bingyao, along the river road ran for. But the more anxious, with the bottom of the debris continue to roll, no response. Relics: 29.5 yuan and physical examination report is only 45 years old, not tall, slim, Zhou Bingyao in the photo is an ordinary man can no longer ordinary man. When Zhou Bingyao left, leaving a 78 year old father and perennial bedridden wife home. Son and daughter working all year round, son Zhou Mingcan also suffering from stomach trouble. This has been difficult family, has lost a pillar". Get the news of his brother Zhou Bingquan in the rain from the county to the village, to change the car twice, climbing a mountain cave, only to find a glimmer of hope to see his brother. The children received a phone call from Liaoning, Hainan hurried back, hope to see his father one last time. On the same day, the villagers in the village together to find Zhou Bingyao, at 5 km downstream was found. One to see the body, all.相关的主题文章: