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A tank next to the British Army impregnable 14 rockets no casualties – Sohu Military Channel for the Challenger 2 tank patrol mission in iraq. Recently, the network out of a group of the British Army Armored test and development "Challenger 2 tanks supporting the MCS (mobile camouflage system) test car draped in disguise (codenamed" Megatron "), again the Challenger 2 main battle tanks into the classic army fans view. "Challenger" 2 by veteran British ground weapons manufacturers, Alves? Vickers company (now part of BAE Ground Weapons Division) at the beginning of 1990s based on the Challenger 1 tanks and improved, has put into service in 1998. Although the production line of the tank was closed in 2009 (with a total output of about 446 units), the improved models are still being introduced. "Pick 2" tank full 13.5 meters long (main gun forward), the full width of 3.5 meters, 2.49 meters high, combat weight 62.5 tons, with 4 man crew. "Pick 2" tank of the main weapon for a diameter of 55 times the diameter of the L30A1 mm tank gun (equipped with ammunition, 49). The gun by BAE systems division of Royal ordnance manufacturing, using electric furnace slag refining steel, which has a maximum range of L23 emission fin stabilized projectile shell is more than 1500 meters, also can launch L26 depleted uranium penetrator. During the Iraq war in 2003, "pick 2" tanks had the guns destroyed over a T-55 Iraqi tanks, but is not a loss. Able to face the enemy tanks can be returned to the body, in addition to relying on powerful tank guns, "pick 2" and "Chobham" composite armor this unique advantage. Chobham from the Department of defense Armored Vehicle Engineering Bureau is located in Chobham town in 1976 R & D, material made of high strength steel, armor plate, nylon mesh Aluminum Alloy fiber and ceramic material, which can effectively resist the explosive projectile and projectile hits, specific technical details are still open. According to the British BBC News reported on April 2003, in March of that year’s siege of Basra, a British "pick 2" tanks have been 14 RPG rockets from a close shot, and finally got a "Milan" anti tank missile, but the internal crew was safe and sound damaged tanks was towed to the rear of the emergency repair, used only 6 hours back into combat, really amazing. Although the heavy armor protection, but in the face of the Challenger 2 tandem warhead equipped with the latest generation of anti tank will be inadequate, in order to reduce the "was found that destroyed this threat, need the help of a new technology, the recently published by the Swedish company developed the MCS camouflage and its main function is to provide a lightweight camouflage ability for the tanks, for anti tank equipment commonly used in visible light, infrared and radar detection method for interference. The MCS can blur the original shape of the tank, destroy the shape of the target, and can be used to measure the accuracy of the laser ranging. The fact that the MCS is not the only one of the 2 tanks.相关的主题文章: