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A second tier city housing prices rose 2.5 line city flower drum roadmap flower drum "2.5 line city" prices rose road map reporter Shen Lang Shanghai reported following the introduction first-tier cities, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Ji’nan, Qingdao and other city the most expensive land frequent. Game of pass the parcel is extended from the first tier and second tier city to "2.5 city". The so-called "2.5 city" refers to Hangzhou, Nanjing, compared with the second city purchasing power is weaker, but the same as the deputy provincial city, such as Zhengzhou, Ji’nan etc.. The day before, Eastern Ji’nan Tang Ye Town, not only the real estate in the opening 2 hours sold, and investment in the real estate opening scene openly increase selling number, real number after shaking to increase 30 thousand to 150 thousand range it openly; Zhejiang Huzhou opened a site, many groups of customers to grab 1 houses, 2 hours sold out a building. As of September 21st, Ji’nan new residential net signed volume has exceeded 95000 sets (not reduce the number of net signed release button for nearly three months), according to official data released last year, the Ji’nan Municipal Construction Committee, the cumulative net signed residential 90185, set a new record of residential sales in Ji’nan. In other words, Ji’nan eight and a half months to sell more than last year’s total residential. Land market also began to grab. In September 19th, the Qingdao high tech Zone land auction on the Internet, after nearly 8 hours of fierce fight, 550 round, Beijing SUNAC real estate construction company limited to 6852 square meters, the floor price of 835 million yuan of the total transaction price with the land, the premium rate as high as 341%; September 20th held in Nanjing second land the auction of seven plots, all fused into the waiting Yaohao link. Consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei analysis pointed out that this wave of "2.5 line city" price rising by first-tier cities influence. For example, after the Spring Festival in Shanghai, the market took the lead to pick up, 325 after the new deal, Shanghai’s market demand spillover to the surrounding strong second tier cities. Comparison of core and non core tier city "2.5 city", "second strong and weak short-term market between the 2.5 line of the city" to the period from the beginning of the year, we can see from this difference, leading to the city between the recovery time is not the same, it is not difficult to find the road map prices hit drum flower ". Such as Nanjing, Hefei, Suzhou at the beginning of the average inventory for about half a year, Hefei is now the only 2~3 months of inventory, Zhengzhou and Ji’nan have about 12 months to cycle, when the inventory cycle is not the same, after the core area of hot up, the inventory cycle is reduced, the market is brought up, the short-term market interface is not the same, leading to city moving round rose. In simple terms, is the flow of funds and the market cycle of the two main reasons for the difference. The routine financial record auction results with one out, then came the real estate Hongdao disc price news, the film pushed in the teeth of the storm. On the one hand the metroplanning tilt, on the other hand, Hongdao high tech Zone new homes to speed, has not much inventory. A Jiaozhou insiders said, with Qingdao across the corner of glue相关的主题文章: