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A Russian nuclear submarine will start carrying 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles – Sohu military channel map God anchored alongside the north wind (front) and typhoon class nuclear submarine (after). Reference News Network reported on November 4th: foreign media said, according to a source of Russian military enterprises said that Russia will be at the end of December to begin construction of a 955 Borey class (also known as Yuri? Dolgorukiy class nuclear submarine submarine improved). The submarine was named the 955A class II nuclear submarine missile submarine. According to the Japanese foreign scholars website reported that in November 3rd, the ship Borey class II "wave Zal Khodorkovsky Archduke" submarine in December 23rd northern shipyard in Severodvinsk city construction. It is believed that the boat was the last of its kind to be built in Russia’s grand plan, and a plan to rebuild two upgraded versions of the class II submarine has been put on hold. "The great Zal" is the Fifth North American submarine. The first upgraded version of the North God class submarine, "Archduke Vladimir" in July 2012 in the north shipyard construction, is expected to be delivered in late 2017 or early 2018. In addition, two north wind god class submarines were allegedly built in 2014 and in 2015. The two submarines are scheduled to join the Russian Northern Fleet and the Pacific Fleet by 2020. Scheduled in 2019 to join the Russian Pacific Fleet "Archduke Oleg" Borey II class submarine is this summer to begin building (earlier reports misrepresent the submarine is the construction started in July 2014). The Russian built God class submarine of the north wind is used to replace the 941 typhoon class submarine of the Soviet era and type 667 delta IV submarine. Compared with Borey class II, Borey class submarines more equipped with 4 missile launchers, the hull is small, and sonar system is improved, the noise is small, there are some other technical improvements. The north wind god class and the north wind god II submarines are equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles. The north wind god class submarine can carry up to 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles, while the north wind god class submarines can carry up to 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles.相关的主题文章: