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A number of foreign policy before the points like The Belt and Road Hebei "initiative to share development opportunities – Beijing, China News Agency, Chongqing, October 14 (reporter Liu Xianglin Liu Xian)" although the global economy is recovering, but the speed is very slow, the international community should search for measures to promote world economic growth, "The Belt and Road." the building is a good way." Indonesia’s professional group Party chairman, former Chinese President Novado, 2016, held in Chongqing, the Communist Party of China and the world dialogue, said on the 14. Sponsored by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee of the 2016 Communist Party of China dialogue with the world will be 13 to 15 held in Chongqing, from all over the world political leaders, politicians, experts and scholars were invited to attend the "global economic governance innovation: party ideas and discussions as". Novado said at the meeting, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative, especially in twenty-first Century the construction of the maritime Silk Road, and Indonesia’s "world ocean fulcrum" strategic fit. Indonesia has a large number of islands, there is a huge demand for infrastructure interoperability, hoping to further strengthen cooperation in this area. At the same time, he also said that the sea along the Silk Road to country and population, put forward this initiative, will solve the problem of infrastructure construction in many countries has been the urgent need, expect this initiative to succeed. The former president of Poland Boluo nice oaf? Como Jankulovski said, China economic development in western developed countries and different development modes, but also achieved success, which is not only worth learning experience of other developing countries, developed countries are worth learning. Participate in the "The Belt and Road construction" is a useful attempt. Boluo nice oaf? Komolov J Ki pointed out, "The Belt and Road" construction of Poland to bring hope and opportunity, Poland’s participation is very large. In his view, the important carrier of the Silk Road Economic Zone in Central Europe into the EU’s first stop is the best evidence of Poland. At present, the column need to solve the problem from many in the Chinese CDB is Aubin return goods load rate. Poland is willing to play an active role in. China proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative, received a positive response from many countries, but also questioned by some western countries or the media. In view of these questions, the chairman of the Thailand Democratic Party, former Prime Minister Abhisit said in an interview with reporters, Western questioned Chinese policy is because they don’t understand, they used their own development model, has not fully accepted the fact of rapid development China. Another part is political factors during doping, but in any case, China proposed "The Belt and Road initiative are beneficial to many countries. This initiative is now the best proof that many countries are responding. With the "The Belt and Road initiative to be implemented, that will be beneficial to the global economy, will change the questioning and speculation in Western countries. (end)相关的主题文章: