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A naked man ran towards you this VR game let I feel I am not myself. electronic games are the embodiment of personality, developers in general, the development team is small, reflecting the game for developers is a clear personality. Therefore, from the "dance Simulator" (Mosh Pit Simulator), a developer Sos Sosowski some of the features you can. "Dance Simulator" is a game in development, Sos Sosowski said it is "in the virtual reality, the crazy world of eccentric hordes of sabotage." The game is very happy, very crazy, but also very dizzy, but it is undeniable that it is also fun. In April of this year, this weird game on the Twitter crazy news. At that time, the "dance Simulator" is just a stupid idea, but now the idea is being formed as a real game. How do you play this game? In an environmental accident, some of the softening of the bones, the task is in slam game player naked. "When a man has no bones, his clothes fall off easily. How are you going to keep them dressed? So these people have no clothes to wear. That’s why they’re all naked." Sosowski explained. Wearing the HTC Vive helmet, I saw myself in front of the diving board of a public swimming pool. The diving board is a naked man, I get the instructions are forced to push him off. So I pushed a couple of static virtual characters into the pool (some people fell out of the game map). After that, I went into a warehouse. I noticed a naked man staggered rushing towards me, he is asking for trouble. "Bang", the zombie like guy was pushed to the wall, Sosowski told me it was time to run away, so I grabbed a nearby shopping cart and jumped on my first stop. In the outskirts of high-speed forward, I met a car, as well as more naked. But soon, a TV with a splash out at my side. The TV turned on, Sosowski’s own face, he was living through a webcam. In the video, he is like a mad scientist’s appearance, wearing a white gown, hair like grass, also wearing glasses. He asked me to announce that the world out of trouble, I should punch in front of all things and all the people. He also made a presentation, I haven’t seen before releasing a virtual naked man. "This is Fred. He is a fat man." Sosowski from the side of the TV and said to me, he released an extremely obese naked man. The naked man fell forward on the ground, bottom up. I don’t know how to deal with this situation. Sosowski asked me to pick him up, and told me to use the slow motion function, you can see the effect of the film. So like a scene in "2001 Space Odyssey", I threw Fred over a house. Well, it’s not like "2001 Space Odyssey," but I’m throwing him and humming John Strauss相关的主题文章: