A hotel in Yongzhou has often been open house drug trafficking 20 drug-related personnel were arrest hypersnap-dx

A hotel in Yongzhou has often been open house drug trafficking 20 drug-related personnel caught [Abstract] Yongzhou police said the masses, a hotel is often open house drug trafficking. Police involved in the investigation, 20 people arrested at the scene and seized drugs of 10.37 grams. At present, the 4 suspects have been detained in > > (original title: Lengshuitan police destroyed the poison nest has captured 20 drug-related personnel) net Lengshuitan news September 14th September 12th, Hunan Province, Yongzhou City Public Security Bureau Lengshuitan Branch Yi Tang police and patrol police brigade joint attack, destroyed a hotel to open the room in drug trafficking the dens, scene of drug-related crimes and arrested 20 suspects, seized 10.37 grams of drugs. Since the "hurricane" action, the Bureau of all police units to attack, hit the drug-related crime. Iraq Tong police station received a report that the masses of people, a hotel in Hexi often open room trafficking. Learned information, bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and Yi Tong police station immediately involved in the investigation, to carry out preliminary verification work secret. Through careful investigation, the basic status of the police task force quickly locked the drug-related criminal suspects and the whereabouts of the track. In September 12th, after careful dispatched, police successfully arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking suspects 2, suspected of harboring other drug 2 suspects, the scene at the same time to control the other 16 drug addicts. After the interrogation, the suspect Zhang, Jiang moufeng on drug trafficking methamphetamine, Ma Gu confessed to the crime; criminal suspects Wang, Chen Mouwei for shelter or other drug abuse of methamphetamine, methamphetamine confessed to the crime; illegal confessed to methamphetamine, heroin surname Wang and other 16 drug addicts. At present, 4 suspected of drug trafficking and shelter or other drug criminal suspects have been criminal detention according to law, 4 drug addiction drug addicts have been executed according to the law of compulsory detoxification, 4 drug addiction has been legally admitted to the special crowd treatment, other 8 first-time drug or drug addiction lighter has been executed according to the law of administrative personnel detention and community rehabilitation. (net correspondent Chen Wenting Zhang Huijun)相关的主题文章: