A car is a nouveau riche In fact, you do not understand the car loan thing www.szxcn.cn

A car is a nouveau riche? In fact, you do not understand the car loans that thing you are full or loans? The loan can discount of 2 points Yo ", many people will encounter such sales in the car all the problems. For relatively conservative friends, most may like "minute" nouveau riche is paid in full, and those who are good at financial friends that "the whole car is undoubtedly a wood louse". So the loan to buy a car in the end it? Think loans to buy a good car how to say? People don’t like to be in debt, so they have the habit of paying all the bills, but for young people, they have begun to use the stage shopping. On the one hand, it can help us enjoy material life in advance, on the other hand, it can make the money more valuable. For example, the general market of the preferential interest rate for 4-5%, some even zero interest loans, and some financial products yield as high as 7% or more, then use borrowed money as a financial investment can get at least 2% of the rate of return. Buy a car must be full of people how to consider? Car loans need to pay interest, on the part of the loan to buy Car Buying when endure beyond the scope of their vehicle’s friend, he just calculates its ability of repayment, but seems to have ignored the car, the car costs caused pressure doubled, even unable to repay the loan. There are a number of 4S stores in order to profit, will increase the cost of a variety of names in a variety of species, making the purchase price rise, the overall calculation is not affordable. Why part of the 4S shop to choose a loan than the whole car discount? Here to explain why 4S stores are more willing to choose the loan customers: in general, 4S shop car profit is very low, and some even lose money selling cars (in order to complete the formulation of sales), in order to survive they must earn income on the other hand, the so-called loan fee is the main channel of money. With the end of the hand, the vast majority of the current financial lending institutions are not only charge interest collection fees, so 4S store fees charged only store profit means. In addition, some of the 4S shops will force users to buy all the vehicles with daochengjian commercial insurance during the period of the loan, which is a good explanation of why often choose loans will be greater than all models offer: fleece. Because the fee is charged by the 4S store, so to a certain extent is not fixed, then we can negotiate and store sales, the fee waiver or reduced to a minimum. Several common loan channels 4S general store will provide a variety of channels for users to choose several loans, loan channels are common: the traditional bank loans, credit card loans, car manufacturers, Internet P2P finance company loan financial loans and leasing etc.. 1, the traditional bank loans: traditional bank loans is a way of car loans in the most traditional, benefit is the low interest rate, the disadvantage is more cumbersome approval procedures, for the lender’s qualification requirements, the loan process is tedious. 2, credit card loans: credit card loans and bank loans compared to the need for collateral vehicles, that is, there is no vehicle in the big green car has been secured information, so free from restrictions on loans to buy and sell transactions. 3, steam.相关的主题文章: