A blood disease can be measured in elite female 40 thousand yuan to buy the mumbo-jumbo gene-viper12a

A blood disease can be measured in elite female 40 thousand yuan to buy this "gene mumbo-jumbo a tube of blood, which can detect the pathogenic gene on the body, so as to effectively prevent the risk measure? Days ago, who lives in Wuchang, Optics Valley Chen to genetic testing company, spent 40 thousand yuan to do a risk assessment on the detection of cancer, but the results after you get a: hundreds of pages of the report be struck dumb with biological concept of dense, looking at the past only to see the "breast cancer" and "gene" "this drug," a few familiar words. "Not to mention the general public, even doctors or biological professionals are not necessarily able to read." Professor Wang Daowen gene therapy center of Tongji Hospital bluntly, gene sequencing report if no one is reading, to be measured is tantamount to a mumbo-jumbo. However, the Wuhan evening news reporter visited Wuhan several gene sequencing company found that both the thousand people first price of one hundred thousand yuan price, or packages, are "test regardless of" direct analysis of the form will be a heap of lost customers. Moreover, some companies can not only known as the "package measuring sickness", can measure the character, measuring talent, can become "fortune artifact". 40 thousand yuan to buy a cannot read the "mumbo-jumbo" risk assessment of cancer gene sequencing report how difficult? Yesterday, the reporter saw in the Miss Chen about breast cancer genetic testing report, Miss Chen totally measured 20 and breast cancer, ovarian cancer related genes in the results described "is written like this: the sample was not detected with definite clinical significance of the detection of gene mutation; the TP53 gene to heterozygous mutation samples were detected; the other 14 genes…… Miss Chen is not: what is the meaning of this passage? "Interpretation" she looked more ignorant, third said: 1-3 literature shows that Pro72Arg has a significant correlation with breast cancer risk; fourth is exactly the opposite conclusion: Pro72Arg and risk of breast cancer. "In the end will not get breast cancer?" Miss Chen called to detect her company, customer service reply, I do not understand". 35 year old Miss Chen is a foreign company executives in Wuhan, since he thought he was smart, not easily brainwashed, now regret it: $40 thousand to buy a pile of waste paper. She told reporters, because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she worried that they will be genetic, Lenovo to American star Angelina · Julie had adopted the method of gene sequencing to resist cancer invasion, and Optics Valley is full of large and small companies gene detection, she will move the heart. Not only the measurement of breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer also are measured over, but did not expect to get a completely cannot read "mumbo-jumbo". The blood test life several "fortune" artifact "gene sequencing is indeed a fire, is also very confusing." An unnamed insiders told reporters that since 2000, scientists have mapped the complete nucleotide sequences of human figure of all 23 pairs of chromosomes, some domestic and foreign life enterprises began to enter this market has tremendous potential for development. Jobs, founder of the Apple Corp and the American star ·, the celebrity effect of the is to allow gene testing from the laboratory to the civil society of the people of the United States, the United States and the United States and China, the United States and China. Current national.相关的主题文章: