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95 Polytechnic male entrepreneurship earning million selling sanitary napkins dubbed aunt brother "after 95" Polytechnic male, school buildings, haven’t graduated from him, even with the "women’s business", the monthly income of million yuan. The students called aunt brother guy, from the Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute School of architecture, named Wang Xuanxuan. Absolutely did not expect is that he started selling sanitary napkins. 27, 2009, the reporter interviewed an alternative venture wang. Clean white skin, he looks very gentle, I did not expect the quiet heart of the outbreak of the universe. "New year my sister came to my house, my sister said that I am very stiff, joking about me to sell sanitary napkins. My heart is refused at first, but I think this is an opportunity to exercise, why not do it?" After my sister’s advice, Wang Xuanxuan accidentally began selling sanitary napkins. Remember that, Wang Xuanxuan’s uncle and aunt in Beijing is also doing the same business, he was introverted, because the sales are very good at communicating with others now. As a boy, a green hand, March 2015, just the big semester he, do business opportunities for the market to feel, Wang Xuanxuan riding a bike with two boxes of goods, the day is to go out to run the market, "going to a baby shop said the other micro suppliers, I got rejected. His first talk about business ended in failure. Two months down, on the one hand to learn, on the other hand, but also to sell products, the road to Yangzhou, the market is not very familiar with the results of a package did not sell out. Will be close to the final exam, a package of goods did not sell how to do? Wang Xuanxuan is a stubborn one run, health clubs, beauty salons have been, are rejected. Wang Xuanxuan considered, especially, with the product to a drugstore to the boss to do product comparison demonstration, through "and other brands, sanitary napkins our zero bacteria, no fluff pulp, can also come a bag of scratch." The boss saw his sincerity, once took four boxes of sanitary napkins, Wang Xuanxuan earned $170 per box. September 8, 2015, Wang Xuanxuan officially became a regional agent in Yangzhou, bought an electric car market. He took a product demonstration box, which is filled with a variety of brands of sanitary napkins, one to run health clubs, beauty salons do product comparison experiment. Two months later, he can sell 50 boxes of sanitary napkins each month, in addition also started acting air purifier, baby diapers and other products. Monthly income of 10 thousand yuan, up to earn $17000. "Just started to do, a lot of girls feel incredible, male students do not understand and do not support." Wang Xuanxuan smiled and told reporters that the original is indeed a lot of strange vision, after all, sanitary napkins for girls, is a privacy topic. We have to choose the right time, let Wang Xuanxuan talk to the students about the entrepreneurial process, for him, has been the source of goods, the channel has been fully prepared, rather than blind entrepreneurship. We are still more assured, will provide him with some business consulting services." Wang’s teacher said. In an interview with Wang Xuanxuan told reporters, for the future, he plans to continue selling sanitary napkins, after two years to do early, because of national policy.相关的主题文章: