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90 female students when picking a day sorting goods – thousands of Beijing in the supermarket to buy things, usually how long will you find to buy goods? Most people may need ten or twenty minutes, but in the electricity supplier logistics warehouse, pick up the goods to complete the goods picking, packing only four or five minutes. The seemingly frail skinny 90 female college graduates Jordan, do not love to sit in the office but stem from the picking, handling and packing of goods work a day carrying thousands of packaged goods. "Double 11" on the eve of the reporters came to the warehouse logistics park, a major electricity supplier in Gaoling, tens of thousands of square meters of warehouse stacked with large general merchandise, Home Furnishing bed cabinet, tyres and other goods. Into the warehouse, the reporter saw the line over a hundred people in the busy, a piece of goods shipped out through the transmission belt. After 90 college graduates Jordan, is one of them. After the beginning of winter Xi’an has let a person feel a little chill, about 1 meter 6 tall, slightly thin Jordan wearing thin clothes in the huge warehouse ran very conspicuous. Reporter walked, she was pushed the car to pick up the shelves, not for a while, dozens of large commodity in the pick up truck. Help customers pick goods like their own supermarket, but not their own payment, but also to meet the desire to buy." Jordan said with a smile. After graduating from Xi’an University of Science And Technology in 2014, she came to work in the logistics warehouse. Although she has been working for 2 years, she still has a strong interest in the job. Jordan is responsible for the warehouse goods mainly hardware building materials, home textiles, bed cabinets, tires and other large or heavy. Little Jordan is very capable, work is not so good cooked sweaty, every day thousands of pieces of goods through her hands packed out. Do not look at a lot of goods here, as long as the use of radio frequency scanning equipment, it is equal to the hands of a small computer, the number of goods required by the customer, the location of all information, minutes to get." "Running, bending, lifting is almost all in motion. Sometimes accidentally also bruised leg, worn hands." Jordan stretched out her hands, not only covered with dust, and wear a lot of cocoon, "after graduating from college, most students are engaged in office work, I love sports, but he also studied the logistics professional, young post exercise at the grassroots level, the benefits for future career development more." Now, Jordan is the pick up supervisor in the warehouse, and the eight other members are men. "Who said that some children can not do? I think as long as willing to work hard, there will be harvest." Said Jordan firmly. Reporter Wang He相关的主题文章: