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9 year old students Orsay title wrong answers correction followed 5 years no one noticed – Sohu news Luo Yi a math problem, the standard answer their answers with the books given are not the same as how to do? Most of the students choose to correct, and a 9 year old boy in Chengdu high tech Zone West Primary School Luo Yi is the core linked to real life, the overthrow of the correct answer to the so-called. In the verification process, the parents found the problem not only got the mathematics Student Electronic Science, Tongji University and other colleges and universities, it is as the two Olympiad exam, the wrong answer was carried out for 5 years, no one noticed. Associatedwithactuallife knowledge 5 communication press "150 correct answer lit the lamp, a pull switch control, are numbered as 1, 2,3,4,… , 150. Cable No. 3 is a multiple of the lamp pull, then pull the number 5 times the number of pull and pull after lamp lit for a few lights?" This is a public examination factor and common multiple thinking of mathematics, this summer, only after the third grade Luo Yi encountered this problem in Mathematics in the fourth grade in the "outstanding new" helper, calculate the answer "90" and "80" does not conform to the standard answer, only son of mother Chen Qun wrong. "Mom, I’m not wrong!" Luo Yi has not seen the cable lamp, but he guess fan is like restaurant, pull turn up, then pull the stop. "So the 3 and the multiples of the overlap of the ten lights because the pull of the next two light up, the final answer should be on the basis of the addition of 10 on the basis of 80." Luo Yi’s father is the top students of Tongji University, the first common factor and common multiple method also calculated is 80, Luo Yi to explain, only see light suddenly added on the 10. Surprisingly, Chen Qun Internet search found that the problem was "a problem", Aosai respectively in 2011 and 2013 of the test, while the online answer uniform is 80, this makes Chen Qun aware of the seriousness of the problem, must contact the authority of the Department of correction. At first, a 9 year old child answers did not cause the attention of the World Youth Olympic committee. "A child did not participate in the Olympiad competitions on the question answer is wrong, the organizing committee had no qualification to correct, told us to go." In September 28th, Chen Qun had to contact the publication of "Pei excellent helper" new Chongwen. Reporters saw in the 4 telephone communication process 3 times, in the mail, please press the editor and editor to do more than that, "the problem solving steps, which belongs to the idea of a mistake", still adhere to the old answer, and suggest that children go online to search for problem solving steps. Chen Qun is not willing to, she issued a two letter correction message, Luo Yi will deduction thoughts and pointed out that the common problems to inform the editor. Finally, on the morning of October 20th, Chen Qun received the Chongwen Book editorial director Xu Juxin mail "we will the child’s thought and answer back to the editor and several editors, reexamine this question was surprised to find that children’s thinking and the answer is indeed correct". The editorial department promised in a statement related to the authoritative magazine, and later published in Luo Yi. Xu made an analysis of the original case of 5 years of no error correction相关的主题文章: