58 year old Cai Qin was asked that the new love is more happy than love 1926年属相�

Cai Qin, 58, was asked to sing a new love affair is more happy than love, said later revealed that she would go to Beijing concert in. Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 14th news, according to Hongkong media reports, a two million "Cai Qin essence concert" last night at the Coliseum wakefield. Cai Qin talked about his "live on the scene," insisted, was asked whether there is a new romance, she said that singing is more happy than love, the audience is more lovely than love. Cai Qin talks about her duet scene to said: "I love to sing live, sing a little game, watch a little game, is not the same with the recording disc, to three before I will bow my concert, don’t do what Memorial show, as long as each of my concerts, you look good, I love to sing live, so teachers do not love to cooperate with me, because I don’t stop to request to simple rap scene is my Cai Qin with you in love." Cai Qin was interviewed in celebration, asked on the performance of talent if new romance? She smiled and said: "your love too great, I will not, all emotions are concentrated in the two hours of the concert, there is such good music, enthusiastic audience, good site, I like a free fish swimming happily in the water, these are happier than love, when love will be disappointed, the audience is also more lovely than love." (Miao Fei) (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: