50+ three pairs of what feeling Wei is a little hungry! Tomorrow will also progress-invictus gaming

50+ three pairs of what feeling? Wei less: hungry! Tomorrow we have to progress Westbrook limit where sina sports news Beijing time on October 29th, Oklahoma in the home court in overtime to win 113-110 Feinikesi sun. The whole game, thunder star Russell – 45 minutes to start the game, get a score of 51 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. After the game, Wei Min was asked when the terrorist three pairs of the first reaction is: I’m hungry! The game the first half, Westbrook feel bad, 16 vote in only 4 of 12 points, but in the second half and overtime in his 28 throw in 13 scored 39 points, and ultimately help the thunder have a home court. After the game, Wei Wei was surrounded by the media in the locker room, his horror is the focus of three pairs of topics. However, when asked about how to get the three pairs of feelings, Wei Wei came to a sentence: "hungry." Then he added: "I have to adjust my body and mind first. Wait until tomorrow to see if you can make progress and become better." Today, Wei Wei played a total of 45 minutes, shot the 44 time, when asked by reporters to feel tired, Wei Min replied: I am eager to win, is so simple. When you want to win, you won’t feel tired. Feeling tired is caused by the spirit." Wei Wei for today’s performance, the thunder team gave a high evaluation. Coach Billy – after the game, said: "I think that Russell has done a great job, he can face the defense of the other side to respond to the." At the same time, Donovan think less pressure on the field too heavy, teammates need to help him share. "It’s great," said Adams, who was talking about three performances. Standard (Wei Min)." Backcourt mate oladipo said Westbrook is the best player in the world. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: