40% the Japanese feel a conflict with the recent increase in foreigners-女f4

40% Japanese feel conflict – Beijing, Beijing, November Xinhua 15, Japan Xinhua China Press reported recently on neighboring foreigners increased, Japanese independent administrative institution "labor policy research and training institutions" summary "work life survey" shows that 2 Japanese to work together with foreigners feel conflict. For foreigners living in the vicinity of the increase, 4 of the Japanese feel conflicted. According to Japanese media reports, as part of the reform of the way of working, the Japanese government to consider the expansion of the admission of foreign workers. Through this investigation, we can see that there is not a small psychological barrier between the Japanese and foreigners. "Labor policy research, research institutions," said the person in charge: "not just as a labor force for foreigners, it is necessary to consider how to accept as a society." November 2015 -12 months, the labor policy research, training institutions to 20 years old and above, the implementation of the survey of 4000 men and women, get the answer to the 2118. The recovery rate was 53%. A foreigner colleague replied "was very inconsistent with the proportion of 3%;" the answer was somewhat inconsistent with the proportion of 17.1%; answer "don’t feel conflict scale is 38.2%; answer do not feel conflict with the proportion of 37.1%. For foreigners clerk hospitality service sense of conflict, answer "very" and "slightly" accounted for 16.4%. On the other hand, the increase in the number of foreigners in the vicinity, the answer does not conflict with a total of 55.2%. Although more than half of this data, but the answer is also a total of 41.7% people touch the touch.相关的主题文章: