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4 things – before marriage must be considered a Sohu if you has been considered the object of marriage, want to get married is this person should also feel, then you have to take a look at this article?? can you really trust and marry this person? Do you want to make sure that the following 4 things to make a decision before marriage should be confirmed that the 4 things – whether or not to eat the same food preferences is an indispensable factor in our lives. In addition to the purpose of life, it is also a day in our daily lives and family communication. If the two people in the diet of the same preferences, then do not have to force each other or wronged themselves to eat something you do not like, meals can enjoy delicious food. As a result, it is not too hard to take into account the menu, or seasoning. Two personal preferences similar words, children have a very high chance of having similar preferences, presumably this family reunion dinner in can happy? Should be recognized before marriage, 4 things the money view is consistent with the most influential in the married life of it is "money" concept. Not only the cost of two couples, if a child should also consider the child’s education. Some people think that eating is bliss! Therefore, it is important to spend money on eating, and some people think that the most important thing is the appearance of the impression! "Spend all your money on clothes." before you get married, you need to know where you spend your money and where you don’t want to spend your money. Then carefully observe each other to determine whether the concept of money is similar to each other. If you have the same concept of money, you will be able to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. In the future, if you want to work out a financial plan together, it will be smooth, and will not give you a burden. Whether the 4 things should confirm before marriage can tolerate each other have their mistress; eating it can conceal? Do you have to swear in marriage also can love only love a person for a lifetime? Even people who nod their heads right now, who are likely to have an emotional moment in the world after marriage, especially the subconscious mind of men who want to leave their offspring?. The woman is husband began to abandon the indifferent, not gallant?? and may be attracted to other men their tenderness. Try to be prepared for the worst Or if you’re not careful eating, all have the ability to perfect color not to hurt each other? Don’t think this may not happen, it is said that after about 20~30% of one of the parties will have an affair to eat, so it is best not to ignore this problem. That should get married before 4 things if you still "envy", don’t get married? Friend’s husband a high income? Friends have rich friends of the young and beautiful wife???, if you see a friend for marriage or marriage status and feel envy was it so temporarily don’t marry! If you envy others 1相关的主题文章: