30 Tour fear of a bad end Jeremy nets will become the absolute core (video)-下北glory days

30 Tour: fear of a bad end Jeremy nets will become the absolute core of season 30 days 30 nets team forward Jeremy Lin Broolyn to join a strong sports news October 8th Tencent save Billy – Kim was scrapped, the nets to a bleak future. No high picks, no big stars, so qiqicancan sail nets. But is the so-called dead horse when the horse medicine, 3 years and 36 million sign Jeremy Lin become the biggest team in the offseason. Return to New York, book Hao can set off a new Lin whirlwind? Jeremy can lead the nets? [] a team player: Jeremy Lin Lopez, the introduction of core players: Jeremy Lin, Hamilton, Scola, Foye, he, Bennet, Vasquez, and White Luft Hyde players: Jack, Ellington, Thaddeus young, Reed has already been said, Billy – Kim was scrapped, overdraft the future of the team. No high no young rookie, only a group of a completely defeated army morale. In the offseason before the arrival of the nets will choose Thaddeus young trading, in exchange for a first round pick. This means that the only big players in the nets, is Brook Lopez. But the giant and Yao Ming similar, the body is very fragile, often injured. And he is not on the same level as Dayao. In desperation, the nets had everywhere, of course, do not expect big players, to get some strength is really good. From the fishing situation, Taylor – Johnson and Crabbe, both the heat and the Blazers choose to match. It was Jeremy Lin, was over there from the Hornets fishing nets. 3 years 36 million of the price, from the summer market, which belongs to the conscience of the price. The preseason opener scored 21 points, has established his backcourt core position. The new season, the nets, Jeremy Lin and Lopez after a previous leader, the Norwich and Jefferson as number two or three, number four by Berkel bear. In 2 years the 18 million 500 thousand offseason he offers to come from jazz, should have some expectations for him. In addition the smuggled goods also won the champion Bennet, and Argentina actor Scola et al., but these players are the common role, not brought much change. [] prospect of last season record: 21 wins and 61 new season forecast: 20 wins and 62 losses objectively speaking, the strength compared with last season and did not change what. Of course, if you believe that the book will certainly be able to create a miracle, it is a matter of faith. Jeremy Lin is served in the Nicks led a group of small miracles, but this is different from the past, after all, we can not always live in the 7 game. The new season Jeremy field are expected to cut 16+7 data, just want to save the nets, the difficulty is too big. Data from the previous season, the nets averaged 98.6 points, 106 points. The average score ranked fifth in the field, the loss is ranked in the forefront of the League (seventh), is a very offensive and defensive team. In addition, three ball, nets free throws, rebounds, steals and blocks, uniform in union middle level, almost no Nadechushou data. The offseason also replaced the coach, Kenny atkin.相关的主题文章: