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2017 national test plan recruiting 27 thousand people   on the 15 day registration – Qinghai channel — people.com.cn original title: 2017 national test plan recruiting 27 thousand people on the 15 day registration people.com.cn October 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lu Hao Meng Jialin) reporter from the Department of the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, human resources and social security and the national civil service bureau was informed that 2017 the central authorities and institutions directly under the civil service examination work is about to begin. This offer a total of more than and 120 institutions directly under the central authority and its units and participate in the management of the civil service law, plan Zhaolu of more than 2.7 people, the number of recruiting and last year. Candidates apply for the main network registration, registration time is October 15, 2016 to 24. Public subject written examination is scheduled to be held in November 27, 2016 in the capital cities of the country, autonomous regions, municipalities and municipalities. In mid January 2017 announced the written exam, interview work completed before the end of March, before the end of April to complete physical examination. The party and government organs at or above the provincial level position requires 2 years of grassroots experience in recruiting graduates under the party and government organs at or above the provincial level civil servants, except for some special positions and professional positions, all for recruiting with more than 2 years working experience at the grass-roots level of personnel. City (to) level the following positions to recruiting college graduates, guide and encourage outstanding college graduates to the grass-roots grass-roots candidates positions. The central authorities, agencies directly under the (ground) positions below, arranged on the principle of 15% plan special for targeted recruiting service expires, assessment of qualified personnel of project of service grass-roots unit, which focus on recruiting college-graduate village official. Reduce the remote area county (District) level below the threshold for job applicants hard in remote areas of the central authority institutions directly under the county (District) level below the position, as the case alone or integrated by decreasing the degree requirements, to relax the restrictions, does not limit the professional work experience and experience, individual designated examination score line and other measures to reduce the threshold. At the same time, to allow the institutions directly under the central authority with a certain number of county (District) level for the following positions of the city or county of residence or life, long-term work in the local personnel recruitment, the implementation of the new civil servants employed a minimum service life and other measures, stability in remote areas difficult level of civil servants. Above the provincial level and the city (place) of the following positions of public subjects written examination proposition to continue on the provincial level and above the city (ground) level of the following positions were public subjects written examination questions. 8 the lingua franca position of the CBRC, Department of special professional position and the Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of Commerce Commission, and the public security organs of the people’s police position "2+X" test mode, namely except the administration occupation ability test, on two subjects in public examinations, candidates need to attend unified professional course exam or foreign language proficiency test of outstanding professional ability and quality measurements, in order to meet the actual needs of people with recruiting agencies. Guiding part of the central authority directly under the institutional system combined with the characteristics of the industry independent interview questions, to further improve the pertinence of the test questions相关的主题文章: