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"2" visit Han Dongjun Wu Xin the monster killer "all-match Daddy" upgrade "2 exclusive goings" Wu Xin the monster killer take you to see the Korean entertainment news September 21st, Tencent Dong Jun 22, "2" Wu Xin the monster killer in Zhejiang, Jiaxing for the first time open media goings, Han Dong Jun, Chen Yao and other creative full scene filming experience and share the fun, and with the fans interactive photo. Han Dongjun’s mood, use the same sleek small flat first quarter return this season for shirts and pants and other new clothes but also make friends shouting "wear new clothes no more handsome!" As the continuation of the core role from the first episode so far, Han Dongjun consciously take up the responsibility of the big brother to take care of other actors, the results were repeatedly broke the news. Han Dongjun "Daddy" "Uncle" conversion all-match freely CP chaos first stew Ding cat who Chen Yao said for the first time because of his playing boys, Han Dongjun took care to help themselves, like teachers and "Daddy", then Sue peach actor Li Landi also said that Han Dongjun is daddy, usually call him "uncle". "I know, because I own WiFi signal for" Han Dongjun "Daddy" and "Uncle" appellation cannot refute, but to expose Chen Yao with a bottle of water, Li Landi is a persistent chowhound. For later joined the white glazed Mike who also don’t pass, Han Dongjun said this season and their Mike scenes will increase, because the Mike makeup is too beautiful, every time I see the name "little beauty". "Hi, pretty!" Han Dongjun said hello, and Mike immediately countered, "Hey, uncle!" Then two people and had a English mutual loss, but also the way of Han Dongjun Mike staged a kiss on the hand, causing the crowd exclaimed with laughter. The end of the group visit and Gu’s actor Wang Yanlin to the live shot when greeting, but also accidentally kissed to the corners of the mouth! The base is full, the joy of group visit. Han Dongjun drama thoughtful brother Max visit day to have a very "taste" of the show, not in order to save Gu Ji put a demon knife thrown into the pit, the pit exploded…… Each actor on the scene are coated with a seasoning bag and bananas and other characteristics of the stool, the screen is too heavy mouth. Han Dongjun himself sick more than not forget the little sister Li Landi, don’t get carried away on the face of the "Baba" wash off, although each loss is constantly brother max. There is a second day visit and Gu base play, inadvertently lying on the rickshaw pulling injured Gu Ji serious, Gu Ji said: "I have nothing". He said it no dissatisfaction "who said you have nothing, you don’t have me?" Although only 24 years of age, and the "small Steak" appearance, Han Dongjun is a attentive boy drama like "warm heart big brother".相关的主题文章: