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"2" anti-corruption storm face social problems caused discussion upsurge of Sina entertainment news crime action movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" national film is, the film color value and the strength to fly the male god goddess and thrilling action scenes, eye-catching P, viewers to become a hot topic. As a commercial production, "2" anti-corruption storm has a core spirit — not many movies reveal the reality. The film based on the true social phenomenon, corruption and greed of human soccer gambling, stripped onto the big screen, let the audience enjoy viewing the nervous shock at the same time, thinking about the problem of social reality. The positive energy transfer film showed a strong sense of social responsibility of creative, no wonder there are fans after watching said "courage! I hope that in the future more and more movies like this." "We need a film that dares to criticize the dark side of society!" "2" anti-corruption storm by Raymond Wong [micro-blog] producer, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zhou Yumin, [micro-blog], Ada Choi [micro-blog], Bowie Lam [micro-blog], Chen Jing, Sheng Jun co starred in the country are aggressively. "2" anti-corruption storm inspiration of real life corruption soccer gambling desire watch people "2" in the theme of anti-corruption storm is still a continuation of the first part of the sharp style. Lin Delu, director of Hongkong, after exposing the corruption of the financial sector, this time, the target will be directed to a more general Hongkong peripheral gambling. The choice of the starting point, from the director of the real idea. Two years ago the "anti-corruption storm" released in Hongkong during the world cup, Hongkong broke a series of 5 soccer gambling debt owed the cause Dutch act case, the dead are for young people. This event is a great touch to the director, he does not want Hongkong’s younger generation in soccer gambling greedily wasting youth, so you want to express your thoughts from the film’s perspective, only today this exposed the reality of greed "anti-corruption Storm 2". In addition, the film also appeared in the international operating forces, high-level corruption fraud, false charity women show off their wealth relies on the real social case story, several crimes linked together, show the dark side of society, mercilessly criticized and exposed to the expression of the "justice anti-corruption Storm 2" movie the creative team and a deep sense of responsibility for society, the spirit of criticism, dare to dare to expose the worthy audience to applaud. It proved that the true strength of film, can watch people. Brave won the applause of the audience and expose the reality of women show off their wealth Li Li triggered discussion upsurge of creative effort is not worthy of the film, after the film analysis on the social reality of the audience immediately gained recognition and support, everyone except on the expression of love starring, expression of the film full of sense of responsibility a thumbs up. "Stimulate! Full of positive energy!" "We finally have the courage to expose the reality of China’s good film!" "Courage! I hope that in the future more and more movies like this." "You should take your kids to see the film, let them know how bad and bad it is." "My male gods have too much sense of responsibility,.相关的主题文章: