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17 new national war without locking Jin Ling award right Yu world gained the prize game player looking for more than a month after the race, the 2016 annual list of Jin Ling award finally released. In the Jin Ling award, green bank network’s online games "right royal world", with its excellent quality of the game, the game player and the industry’s consistent affirmation, and eventually won the "most anticipated game player online games". Immediately start booking: Jin Ling award as the game industry’s "Oscar", its gold content is no doubt. This game was founded in 2005 of the award, after only eleven years of groundless talk, also witnessed the development and changes of China game industry. From the beginning of the end of the tour era, Webpage Game era, Mobile Games era, to the upcoming VR game era, Jin Ling award has many "kings" game "crowned" also is "God" potential game assault horn sounded. The "right royal world" won the "most anticipated game player online games", perhaps also indicates that this is about to open the next round of testing the national war games, in 2017, opening a new era in their own war. If you want to wear a crown, you must bear the weight of "want to succeed, there will be a dream; to wear the crown, will bear its weight." "Right royal world" since hundreds of games can in talent shows itself, and eventually won the Gold Award for "most anticipated game player at the network game, certainly has its attractions. Why do players choose to support the right to resist the world? Perhaps the game perfect quality, excellence and continuous grinding and optimization, is the game player who recognized the reason. So, why the "right" will Yu world recognized game player? I will try from the play, the screen, the plot, etc., on the game’s own quality highlights. Innovative gameplay without locking the new national war by the players look forward to after ten years of development, the National War online game is indeed too caught up in the play too routine dilemma. Numerical designated targets, standing Lu, mutual confrontation, formula like fighting routines, gradually spend their game fun game player. Therefore, the "right" with "Yu world special operation skills, no lock battle mode, AOE MOBA elements of the perfect fusion of classic national war to fight, let the game player more freely, more free, naturally look forward to this new lock free online games on the line! Exquisite picture with delicate picture, inextricably bogged down in game beautiful scenes, brilliant special effects, is the "first impression" right to leave the imperial world. Although the game screen is not as foreign companies make out of 3A, but in the national war games, at the top. In the "right royal world", the design idea of game style, a thick and heavy in colours and the combination of Western Oriental mecha, and include the four seasons scenery, let the game player feel like being in a beautiful fantasy world, engrossed in the game between the landscape cannot extricate oneself. Focus on the story of the era of fast food may be different, in this era of fast food culture, the importance of the story of the game is increasingly forgotten. A disagreement, to do it, has become the mainstream of the game, the right to resist the world, sink the mind to tell the story, but instead became a heterogeneous era. But in fact, if a game is not solid?相关的主题文章: