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12301 national tourist complaints platform to enable national play pit direct complaints in 2016 the upcoming National Day holiday, the National Tourism Bureau in September 27th for the holiday tourism consumption service issued warning, this year’s National Day golden week before the 12301 national tourist complaints platform mobile phone version of the line, this holiday tourists rights and interests have been infringed, available mobile phone complaints directly. Focus on examination of holiday guide compulsory consumption of reporters from the National Tourism Bureau, the Bureau of quality supervision and management from the recently accepted tourist complaints, mainly concentrated in the travel agency and the tour leader, online travel companies, scenic spots, which accounted for 50.6% of the total complaints, 21.4% and 19.8%, reflect the travel agency in violation of the contract without changing travel, increase tourism projects, reduce service standards, guide service quality problems, forcing and disguised forced shopping, scenic area management etc.. In this regard, the National Tourism Administration issued a National Day holiday travel service alerts to remind tourists remember to sign a good travel contract. Travel with the group, be sure to enter into a written, standardized travel contract with the travel agency, payment at the same time require travel agencies to issue regular bills. Deposit margin should be selected to choose the bank custodian, in order to protect the safety of funds. National Tourism Administration to remind tourists, to choose the combination of the actual situation with the group tour or self-help travel, do not covet cheap rush to participate in low-cost tour. The National Tourism Administration jointly with the competent department of tourism will also be around the National Day holiday sent to the relevant staff, conducted a thorough investigation of the tourism market, especially tourists complaints focus on travel tour guide stress does not fulfill the contract, breach of contract consumption, increased expense items and other issues, once verified will be punished according to law. Uncivilized behavior or do not ascend civilization blacklist to promote the tourists, on the 27 day, the National Tourism Administration and ctrip.com, where the network launched the "good Chinese tourists" collection work, Chinese outbound tourists civilized image survey work on the same day in the world to start. National Tourism Bureau also suggested that tourists in the tourism process to comply with the laws and regulations of tourism destination, public order and social morality, respect local customs, cultural traditions and religious beliefs, abide by the conventions of civilized behavior of tourism. In the course of the encounter, such as service quality problems, to be calm, attention to the collection of relevant evidence. National Tourism Administration has set up a record of uncivilized behavior of tourists, tourists alleged violations of the behavior of tourists serious behavior, will be credited to the record, and to be exposed in the future may affect travel. According to the National Tourism Bureau officially launched the relevant departments 12301 complaints platform before the holiday to the person in charge, the 12301 National Tourism complaint platform PC version and mobile phone version are in before the national holiday officially launched, visitors encounter rights violations in the eleven holiday, can also be used directly to mobile phone complaints. According to reports, the 12301 platform is at all levels of the tourism quality supervision and law enforcement personnel to handle and unified platform for handling tourist complaints, tourist complaints occur, can be the first time the complaint information is forwarded to the local tourism quality supervision of law enforcement agencies, and the national and provincial (municipal) quality supervision law enforcement agencies can focus on complaints timely supervision, V.相关的主题文章: