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12 days post: Auden Cole praised the performance of Mcgee claiming to be biggest smuggled goods – Sohu sports Beijing time on November 12th, the NBA regular season continues, the following is today’s news summary: we talk about the German Alliance election election has ended, Trump will become America’s new president, the 76 center Nebid also expressed their views, "I think the United States has been good, but this is just a dream, I think it is heaven. After coming here, the United States is still a good country, but it was different from what I thought. Donald – Trump was elected president. Although I am generally not interested in politics, it is difficult to understand why he is elected as president when he speaks in a way that is racist and discriminatory against women. I don’t think racism is over. It’s so sad." In addition, Nebid also revealed that in order to show that he is a real man, he once told his teammates when his 6 year old killed a lion, "Americans don’t know what the rest of the world, when they think of Africans, Africans will think of chasing tiger, lion and other animal everywhere. When I joined Kansas, I took advantage of this and told people how I killed a lion and how to be a man." Cole praised Mcgee yesterday with a 125-101 victory over the Nuggets warriors, warriors center Mcgee after the social media drying out of a game of photograph, the photograph of his hands are separated buckle opponent, Mcgee also wrote: "it was really a wonderful game!" Users also have a message to encourage him to continue to maintain such a performance. Mcgee in the game 15 minutes off the bench, with a total of 6 points in the contribution of 10 points and 3 rebounds and 1 assists in 4. After the game, the warriors coach Steve Cole in an interview about Mcgee tonight, Cole said: "we gave Mcgee a chance, and he was tonight to seize the opportunity to make a contribution to the team." As everyone knows, O’neal’s TV show, the famous "NBA five?" the selection time, there is often a Mcgee figure, can be said to be made of the protagonist of this program, Mcgee once said, "the fans feel that it is true, I think is an idiotic. This is really disappointing, these people will look at those who make fun of the players of pleasure, and then I hit on the label, just want to ruin my career." Auden said he was smuggled goods the 28 year old Auden had announced his retirement, he is now studying for a degree, and served as Ohio state assistant coach. This week in an interview, former NBA champion Greg – Auden will become "NBA biggest smuggled goods". "I’ll take the NBA largest in the history of this title to be smuggled goods in mind," said Auden, "but I was incapable of action." Auden reiterated his basketball career is over. "Don’t get me wrong," said Auden. "If I can stay healthy, I’d love to play, but my body is not allowed." Auden had only played 82 times during his 5 seasons in Portland, and his career was all over the place相关的主题文章: